What are the elements of a rustic kitchen décor?

Rustic kitchen décor is all about an emphasis on natural and earthy beauty by focusing on textures and colors that are earth inspired. The result is a warm and homely décor that makes your kitchen one of its kinds with all the neutral colors and earthy hues that turning your kitchen into an elegant, cozy and special masterpiece.

DIY-log-for-rustic-kitchen What are the elements of a rustic kitchen décor?

DIY log for rustic kitchen

What are the benefits of having a rustic kitchen at home?

Many people prefer to have rustic kitchens because they are both elegant and warm. A rustic kitchen is the perfect place for all the family to gather in order to cook, talk or have a meal in a homely, warm and earthy environment. Unlike ultra-modern kitchens that are all about minimalist designs, rustic kitchens are about coziness and inviting rich details.

What are the elements of a rustic kitchen?

A rustic setting

Rustic décor is all about connecting with the environment and using less of artificial and harsh materials. Of course most of the elements you are using are chemically treated and some of them are simply resemblance of the real thing, but they still look like they are inspired by nature. If your home is located in a setting that caters for the rustic kitchen décor, then everything else makes perfect sense. The kitchen will just blend with the outside and everything will be connected if your house has a view over the mountains or a lake.

Italian-rustic-decor-for-kitchen What are the elements of a rustic kitchen décor?

Italian rustic decor for kitchen

Raw natural elements

Apart from using man made material to build up your kitchen, the rustic kitchen décor will mainly depend on using raw natural elements with the least details and least treatments possible. The more natural and raw the materials you will use in your décor and your architecture, the more coherent your entire your kitchen will be. Choose earthy and natural elements from the ceilings, to the cabinets, the floors and the wood panels covering the walls. Wide wooden planks will make a great floor for your kitchen.

Modern-rustic-Kitchen What are the elements of a rustic kitchen décor?

Modern rustic Kitchen

Wooden beaming ceilings

You need to make sure that everything is connected in your kitchen so that it is coherent and elegant. This means that everything you use around the kitchen should be inspired by the material you find in the outdoors. These are a great reminder of nature and will make your kitchen perfectly connected to the outside. The key is to make sure that everything matches. The wooden beams should be left in their natural color. The light colored beams are better at keeping your kitchen looking bright and allowing for more light to reflect off the different surfaces. Another article to read best pillowcase designs.

Neutral natural color palette

The rustic kitchen décor is all about using a combined and balanced natural and neutral color palette. The main colors that you will find in a rustic kitchen are the shades of browns, greys, blues and whites, which are mainly the colors you will find in nature, combined with beautiful red, yellow, green and orange accents that are inspired from the flowers you find in nature. Based on your setting, you might have a beach inspired kitchen that will involve a lot of white and blue elements together with gravel and sandy like surfaces, or you might want to stick to wooden and earthy rich warm hues if your house is near the forest or the mountains. Even if your home is not located in a natural area, you could still have a rustic kitchen décor by selecting the right design and the proper materials to pull it off. The idea is to be coherent and consistent and to have an image. Using the right material and designs will help you bring this image to life.

Rustic-kitchen-decor What are the elements of a rustic kitchen décor?

Rustic kitchen decor

What are some of the mistakes that people make when designing a rustic kitchen?

When designing a kitchen many people will spend too much time thinking about how the kitchen will look and not pay attention to how it is really going to function. Storage cabinets should look great and elegant but they should also have enough storage. When designing the kitchen, you should think about who is using it and you have to keep the future in mind. Putting up your cupboards high up isn’t a good idea if you have kids growing up or if you are planning to use your kitchen until you are 70. You also need to place the lighting in a way that won’t cast a shadow on your counter while working.

Designing the perfect rustic kitchen décor can be time consuming and quite challenging. But once it is done right, you will have a piece of art that will live for years to come.

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