Using A Chair And A Half To Fill Any Space – Big Or Small

If you’ve never heard of a chair and a half, don’t worry – it’s exactly what you think it is! A chair and a half is, essentially, an oversized chair that can comfortably fit one person, and sometimes you can even snuggle two people into it! Ultimately, though, these chairs are designed to provide superior comfort and space for those who like to lounge, and want their living room areas to reflect that same sense of comfort.

Chair-and-a-half-recliner Using A Chair And A Half To Fill Any Space - Big Or Small

Chair and a half recliner

Chair and a half design’s

They can be extremely warm, inviting, and automatically give off a comfortable feeling to anyone who so much as enters a room and sees one. But, because of their size, many people tend to stay away from them, thinking they would take up too much space in a room. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, a chair and a half can work perfectly in just about any home. Let’s take a closer look at a few options.

Chair-and-a-half-sleeper Using A Chair And A Half To Fill Any Space - Big Or Small

Chair and a half sleeper

Small Home/Room

If you have a small living room area, you might think adding a chair and a half will just make things look crowded, but it’s all about changing your perspective. Most of us think a living room needs certain pieces of furniture, like a sofa, and a chair, etc. Instead, why not invest in a smaller loveseat as your sofa, and use a chair and a half as your chair option. You’re actually creating more physical space for yourself, and you’ll have the same amount of seating options, since a chair and a half can oftentimes hold two people. It’s adding function while also adding style, and it’s perfect for any small home.

Chair-and-a-half-with-Ottoman Using A Chair And A Half To Fill Any Space - Big Or Small

Chair and a half with Ottoman

Large Home/Room

Exceptionally large spaces can sometimes come across as stark and cold, and the best way to combat that is with the type of furniture you select for the rooms in your home. The living room is a place where people want to be met with warmth and comfort, and since you have the space for it, there is no better way to do that than with a chair and a half. You can utilize the space you have by adding in this oversized chair to provide a sense of coziness, even in the largest of rooms. Try adding a few throw pillows and blankets on the chair to accent this even more. You’ll be amazed at how much just one piece of furniture can actually change the feel and atmosphere of an entire room.

Leather-chair-and-a-half Using A Chair And A Half To Fill Any Space - Big Or Small

Leather chair and a half

The best part about a chair and a half? You can typically find a variety of one that completely fits your stylistic needs. From different fabrics and materials, to different designs, etc., there are endless options when it comes to these oversized chairs, so finding one to fit your home design theme shouldn’t be too hard to do. With a chair and a half, in any design, you can turn your home into a truly comfortable, inviting place for your guests, and a relaxing paradise for yourself, whenever you’re able to lounge around and enjoy your free time.