Through the Looking Glass: Modern Staircase in White and Pretty Designs


A staircase at a house is supposed to be functional. Modern staircase, for example, enables the house itself to look modern, not traditional, and not even classic. However, it can always work both. Pointing to the first statement, it would indeed be better to have a staircase that can be functioned both as a stair and an accessory, a very major decoration to the house.

Futuristic staircase design

Thus, the design determines how modern, how classic, or how traditional the look and the concept of one house are. Looking sharply, it is clear then that staircase is partially playing an important role in interior design. Some ideas are presented and pictured here, giving you more images and spaces to draw there on your cerebral cortex part.

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Glass staircase modern design

Modern staircase for modern house

Sleek and Glass

One of modern house characteristics is a sleek and through-looking-glass look. One can be applied in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or even in the living room. As a modern staircase is usually seen from living room, the placement of glass as staircase handle can be very helpful in giving the look of modern. Besides, accentuated by modern wood, the staircase will even look more sleek and clean, but can be very minimalist at the same time.

Modern staircase

Flying in White

As absurd as it sounds, there is nothing to compare as the look of this staircase. This one staircase is basically made of wooden material, adorned by simplistic and minimalist ambience. Each staircase is made individual, where a rectangle wooden is shaped like a toddler table. What makes it so modern is the look that covers the whole concept. The white wall that hugs the wooden material seems much disguised. So it looks like you are flying from one to another wood. Isn’t that exciting?

Modern stairs

Swing Motion

These days, architects have been very extreme, in a good sense, in expressing their sense and point of view towards a house. The sense and feel they put is absolutely mesmerizing sometimes, making you even think how they could possibly do that. Including this design that is caught to be seen as a swing, a swing for a staircase? Yes, pretty much. The modern material of woods is shaped like S letter and is made to circle along the 1st floor to 2nd floor. In one swift motion, the house who owns it must be looking very, very, artistic.

Safe and Sound – A Little Friendly Reminder

Having kids or not, clutching hopes or drowning in clocks, being busy, being at house, being cuddly, being funny, being goofy, are supposed to be in the right place. Your home is supposed to be a right place to share them all. Staircase can be very risky, though. So, remember to always think about the safety of each of your family member gets once when you have seen a vision to make or redecorate your staircase. That point is a critical one, letting your heart calm and not afraid of things happening between them. And oh! Good staircase is the one that does also meet your style. What is on your mind?