Three Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016. | Bedroom

One factor that triggers a feeling of happiness when you wake up in the morning is the cheerful color of your bedroom paint. There is a large selection of bedroom paint colors that you can use to cheer up your bedroom’s atmosphere while maintaining its comfort and serenity. Your ability to pick the right colors is crucial if you want to have the best haven in the comfort of your house. The following are three important factors to mind if you want to make specific colors work for your bedroom’s décor.

Bedroom color idea

Bedroom Size

The size of your bedroom can be a factor that determines the right color for it. If your bedroom is large, you can experiment with various colors and patterns, but if you have a small bedroom, you definitely need to pick tones that give an impression of space inside your bedroom. Light colors, such as spring mint, aqua, light green, and lilac are particularly great choices. White is also acceptable if you are on budget. If possible, use the same color but different shades for the wall and your bedroom’s décor to blur borders and edges. Avoid using intricate patterns as they make your small bedroom appear cramped.

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If you want to create cheerful atmosphere in your bedroom, pick warm and energetic colors. Green is great as it is energizing. Blue is often considered equivalent to serenity and calmness, so it is generally also a good choice. Purple is another good choice as it represents happiness and fertility. Bedroom generally can accept a large range of colors, but it generally doesn’t welcome shades of dark gray due to its somber and depressing atmosphere. You don’t want to wake up from your bed feeling depressed, do you?

Green bedroom paint colors

Decoration and Furniture

The color that you choose for your bedroom’s wall is expected to complement the color of your furniture and decoration. There are several ways to incorporate wall color into the color of your décor. If you prefer to use similar color but different shades, you can use muted shades for the décor to create a harmonious look and to obscure borders, but you can also add significantly brighter neutral colors to create accent. It is also possible to mix different colors with similar theme in your bedroom. If you paint your wall tan and make it appear like beach sand, you can complement it with blue and earth-colored décor. The combination will create a beach-like atmosphere that feels calm and peaceful. If you use furniture with bold colors, a paler shade of those colors can be used to paint the wall to make your bedroom feel calmer.

Neutral bedroom paint color idea

Right bedroom wall paint colors idea

Those are three simple factors to consider if you want to choose the right bedroom paint colors. You can always explore all possible options of how you will paint your bedroom, but if you take those factors into account, the end result of your experiment is guaranteed to be a calm, peaceful and energizing bedroom. As your bedroom is your most private haven, making your bedroom a peaceful and energizing sanctuary is mostly needed.

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