The Perfect Slate Tiles to Boost the Look of Your House – Are you looking for the perfect tiles for your wall? You should definitely install slate wall tiles. These tiles are famous for its durability as well as versatility. It is also quite famous among homeowners since it is great for outdoor or indoor.  The slate offers homeowners a sense of beauty and elegance due to its natural texture and layers.

Geurts-Slate-Tile-Bathroom The Perfect Slate Tiles to Boost the Look of Your House

Geurts Slate Tile Bathroom

Moreover, the slate tiles also famous for its practicality. It looks amazing since it is naturally produce. The slate tiles are unbelievably strong and also consist of traditional and contemporary designs. You can transform your house to look more stylish and trendy. The tiles provide homeowners what they need and inspire them to create a sophisticated design in their house.

Modern-Tile-for-bathroom The Perfect Slate Tiles to Boost the Look of Your House

Modern Tile for bathroom

The Slate Tiles

There are 5 most common slate wall tiles. The first one is the glass mosaic. The oxides of earth are mixed with smelted glass. This smelted glass is produced from recycled bottles. It creates amazing palette of mosaic. If you install these tiles in your home, you will definitely receive endless complements from your friends and family, or your guests.

Modern-wall-surfaces The Perfect Slate Tiles to Boost the Look of Your House

Modern wall surfaces

The second tile is the mosaic offset. This tile is a combination of marble and slate. It provides define texture and wonderfully tangible. It has many kinds of colors as well as types. If you install this kind of slate tiles, you will have such an architectural style and also urban design at home.

Mozaic-bathroom-flooring-design The Perfect Slate Tiles to Boost the Look of Your House

Mozaic bathroom flooring design

The next slate tiles are the slate hills. This slate is available in many shades that emphasize nature. It looks beautiful and versatile. The urban slate is the fourth wall tiles. This slate is also famous for its architectural designs. The tiles provide cleanliness and create dramatic sense. The last slate is the imperial slate. This slate offers beauty and goes perfectly with rust. It is also perfect for olive highlights and ochre to create individuality in your house.

The Benefits Slate Tiles

This slate offers great multi layered, textured, and strengths and it is a great way to bring modernity and impressiveness to your house. The tiles are cut into different kind of thickness. For homeowners who want to create crisp and contemporary design, you can use grey tiles. For warm and luxurious style, you can use beige tiles. The slate tiles also give natural effect as well as eye catching image.

The slate tiles are famous for its famous versatility and its durability. It is made from nature; therefore, it suits people who love sophistication as well as traditional image.

Homeowners can install these tiles; however, you need to prepare an amount of money for the installation and labor. The price for slate tiles are various, it is around £19.99 per m2 to £14.99 per m2. For those who have limited budget, probably you need to think twice before you have this installed at home. Generally, slate tiles are one of the most perfect wall tiles for your home. Just prepare extra cash and then you can get your own contemporary modern design at home.