The Fantastic Features of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Front fiber glass entry door - brown

Long gone are the days of a singular standard option for entry doors; wood. Today, fiberglass entry doors are the home feature everyone’s talking about, likely due to the way fiberglass has changed over the years. Unfortunately, fiberglass entry doors had a bad reputation for quite awhile, simply because the technology and quality wasn’t available to make them look realistic. Instead, they ended up looking like the side of a boat. Today, however? The things that are able to be done with fiberglass are unbelievable. In this case, creating a fiberglass entry door that looks like real wood is a great alternative to a standard wood door, and will give you all the benefits of wood, without the issues that might come with it.

Masonite Fiberglass Entry Doors

More Bangs for Your Buck

With new technology that can actually give fiberglass doors the appearance of natural oak, mahogany, etc., you may be spending a bit more than you would think for a piece of fiberglass. However, a fiberglass entry door is significantly cheaper than a regular wood door, and the life you’ll get out of it will be much less of a hassle. Fiberglass doors need hardly any maintenance, where wood doors can chip and break. Fiberglass doesn’t change due to the climate, where wood can warp and twist if it’s too cold or too humid. Fiberglass doors don’t need to be protected from the outdoor elements, while wood doors need to be constantly refinished, resealed, etc. Even if you’re spending a few more dollars for fiberglass, it’s a completely worthwhile investment.

As Secure As Can Be

Where fiberglass really rules over wood, or even steel doors, is when it comes to safety. Steel doors can be punctured, dented, or kicked in almost as easily as wood doors. When it comes to fiberglass, there’s almost no chance of an intruder getting in. The door will not bend or get dented, and the intruder definitely won’t be getting in through the entry door anytime soon.

Energize Your Home

Fiberglass entry doors are extremely energy efficient, as a great insulator for cold, where steel doors fail. They will not produce condensation or allow cold or hot air to seep through, where wood can actually become damaged. Because of the security of fiberglass entry doors, it’s safe to say your energy bills will be lower, without the need to turn your thermostat so high.

If you’re looking for a superior option for your entry door, consider fiberglass. It is more cost-effective than wood, and will last a lifetime longer than any wood door might. It is also stronger than steel, and doesn’t have steel’s heavy, cold properties. Sleek, efficient, and a mile above the rest, a fiberglass entry door will add style and function to your home, before you even walk in.

Photo Gallery of The Fantastic Features of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Front fiber glass entry door   brownMasonite Fiberglass Entry DoorsEntry door from fiber glass

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