The Black and White of 2 Story House Design

2 story house design can always become the solution for anyone who needs a good design to build their house. The main reason is its economical aspect. As we all know, the availability of land to build properties from time to time has become limited. Although, we can still find and get the wider land to build properties, but if we see it from financial point of view, the cost we need to spend to purchase the land would be too much. By choosing the 2-story house design, we can build similar comfortable house on smaller land, which cost less.

The other reason is the heating and cooling. If you compare it with one story house, the two stories house need less energy to heat up or cool down the temperature inside the house. This means you also need to pay less for your electric bill. With combination of the cheap maintenance and building process, this type of house is great choice for save your budget. More than that, this means you also can save more energy, which make the two stories house is great choice for environment safety. Basically, the home owner gets many benefits from using this design.

The main reason why two stories house need much less energy is the design itself. With this design, the heating process on the first floor can normally move to the second floor without too much effort. So, by using the heating energy for only first floor, we can get the effect for both floors. It’s also the same with cooling process. Two stories house has better area for ventilation. This big area, which usually connected first and second floor, can be the area where the house can release the heat accumulated. This process will make the house cooled down faster.

However, if we look at it from the design point of view, the two stories house isn’t the most popular, today. Most the two stories design usually use the traditional style. With the contemporary and minimalist style in high popularity today, this design can’t attract people attention. Other than that, the maintenance is also quite difficult. From the financial aspect, yes, it is cheaper, but keeping two floor houses in good condition will need lot of time and energy. But, still, if we talk about the best design for saving more budgets, the choice will be 2 story house design.

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