The Best Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

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Cast iron clawfoot tub

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Ensuite bathroom ideas installation, if you’ve ever thought about installing an ensuite bathroom in your home, you likely have your own ideas as to how you’d like it to look, what features you’d specifically like installed, etc. There are some great benefits to having an ensuite bathroom, but the reason most people love them so much is for convenience. Think about how much easier it is to simply climb out of bed and be able to walk into the bathroom without having to walk into a separate room, especially if there are other people in the house.

Ensuite bathroom ideas

Ensuite bathroom ideas

Ensuite bathrooms can work well in smaller homes to save space, or in larger homes as a luxury space that connects to a master bedroom. Whatever the size of your home, and whatever the reason for wanting an ensuite bathroom, check out some of these unique ideas, and you just might be inspired to make the move to an ensuite bathroom, yourself!

Ensuite bathrooms

Discreet Doors

Doors that are flush with a wall of your bedroom, or the same color, can be deceiving in the best way possible, and lead you to your ensuite bathroom so that whenever you open those doors, it’s like you’re entering another separate space. This is a great way to make smaller homes seem bigger, by giving the ensuite bathroom its own specific ‘tribute,’ and making it special by hiding it away.

Interior bathroom

Mirror Wall

Another great way to make your ensuite bathroom seem bigger is by using a ‘mirror wall’ where your bathroom sink and vanity are. By covering much of the wall in reflective mirrored glass, you’ll get the illusion that the room is actually more spacious. Plus, it’s a beautiful, modern look!

Cast iron clawfoot tub

A Clawfoot Tub

Most ensuite bathrooms feel somewhat modern, so why not take a touch of vintage to it, and give it a sense of warmth and coziness? An antique-looking clawfoot tub is a great statement piece for an ensuite bathroom, and provides a bit of historical charm and mystery to what would likely otherwise be a more traditionally-modern room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to centuries!

Go Warm & Gold

Warm colors are most definitely in style, and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Try adding touches of golden colors to your ensuite bathroom to not only make it appear cozier (this is great for making large spaces seem more comfortable and inviting), but to keep it on trend with the latest in home design and decor. Houses with ensuite bathrooms actually have a 5% higher selling ratio, so by adding a bit of an extra touch to that bathroom, you’re only increasing your chances of a great sale if you ever plan on moving out!

If you plan on putting an ensuite bathroom in your home, there are endless ideas, themes, and decorations to try – be sure to go with something that fits your overall style, and enjoy the comfort an ensuite bathroom can really bring to a home.

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Photo Gallery of The Best Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Ensuite bathroomsCast iron clawfoot tubEnsuite bathroom ideasInterior bathroom

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