The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Plant Stands

Indoor plants have been a fixture in homes all over the world for decades. A beautiful plant on an elegant plant stand can add a lot of character to your home, and it brings a bit of natural wonder and beauty wherever you put it. Plant stands have evolved over the years, too, making it easier than ever to bring a wide variety of different plants into the home, and showcase them in unique ways.

Decorative-Plant-Stands-beautiful The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Plant Stands

Plant Stands IKEA

But, these plant stands holding unique greenery have so many more benefits than just being fashionable and stylish. There are actually many positives to having house plants (and of course, unique stands to put them in) within your home.

Elegant-plant-stands-for-Indoor The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Plant Stands

First of all, the more plants you have within your home, the more oxygen will be circulating throughout the house. Plants release oxygen, making it easier for you to breathe. If you want to capitalize on this benefit, try putting a small plant stand in your room, and fill it with things like orchids or succulents. If you have trouble sleeping at night due to allergies or respiratory issues, these plants can help! You can even put a small succulent in a plant stand near your bed.

Lantliv-IKEA-indoor-plants-Stand The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Plant Stands

Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

On top of releasing oxygen, house plants can also help to release moisture in the air. This can also help with respiratory issues, as well as dry skin, allergies, and can help to ease a cold or sinus infection. Having more plants in your house in the winter can be a great way to fight back against the naturally-dry air. Plus, seasonal plant stands can be made out of just about anything – don’t be afraid to find a look the fits the season, and change out both your plant stands, and the types of plants you have in your house throughout the year.


Studies have shown that having plants indoors can actually help to improve your overall mood and health. In a study done with office workers, having plants within the office helped to reduce overall sickness by nearly 60%. So, having plants in your home can be a great way to stay healthy, and feel good both physically, and emotionally.

Stand-indoor-plant-display The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Plant Stands

Plants may be the big stars when it comes to the health benefits, air quality, and so much more, but being able to house your plants with the right plant stands can actually be pretty important as well. Some people may have reservations about keeping live plants in their home, thinking it might take away from their overall decorative theme. But, by choosing a plant stand that fits your personality and style, and showcasing them all over your house, you’re reaping the benefits of the plants, while adding more home decor that fits your personal style at the same time.


Creative plant stands are a great way to introduce healthy, beautiful, clean plants into your home at any time, and you can show off your sense of style while you’re doing it. The ‘plant trend’ isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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