The 5 Best Living Room Paint Ideas

Dramatic living room paint idea

Choosing the right idea to paint your living room is simply practical because living room gives the first impression of your house. The 5 best living room paint ideas that you are going to read here will give you some clear clues as to what colors are the best for your living room paint. Check them out and see whether you can apply any of them in your living room.

Living room paint wall

Calm beach palette

Beach palette creates calm atmosphere inside your living room. With wall painted with Catalina blue, you can add any decorations and furnishings with earth tones in the foreground. Light brown, corn silk, and cream can be used for lighter tones that resemble beach sand while Kobe, chestnut, and English red are perfect choices for darker tones. Mix these earth tones on any foreground objects, such as sofa and picture frame, and the combination between the bluish background and earthy foreground will create a beach-like atmosphere that feels calm, fresh and peaceful.

Harmonious neutral tones

Neutral color is always a great choice for the best living room paint ideas. Neutral color always feels relaxed and creates calm and peaceful atmosphere in a living room. Neutral color is best combined with muted shades and bright hues. Living room decorations and furnishings with muted shades will enhance the calm sensation created by neutral-colored wall. Bright hues create accents and give the somber room a spark.

Casual and elegant sandy white palette

Brilliant tan wall that resembles desert sand looks soft and comfortable, making it suitable for a cozy living room. To prevent the living room from appearing too plain, darker accessories, decorations and furnishings can be added to the room. Suede and pumpernickel are great colors to pick for the darker tones. These colors can be used not only for the room décor, but also for other structural elements of the room besides the wall, such as ceiling and floor.

Modern cream-colored wall

A modern home usually uses bright-colored paint, such as cream, for its living room wall to create an impression of space. To add depth to the room, dark color can be used on the floor. Dark brown is often the most favored for balancing the bright tone of the wall. Slightly bolder colors, such as cool blue and Catalina blue, can be used as accents. These colors can be used on accessories that will make up visible accents, such as draperies wall decorations.

Warm and inviting yellow wall

If you dare enough to experiment with bold colors in your living room, try to use more saturated shades of yellow that look bright. Examples include mellow yellow, mango yellow, gold, cyber yellow and royal yellow. Yellow creates a warm and tempting atmosphere in the room. To calm down this bright and bold color, you can use furnishings and decorations that use neutral and dark colors. Cream, beige, and dark brown are among the best picks.

Your living room is welcoming enough to any color that you choose for its paint. As long as the color that you choose can be incorporated into its interior design, which also takes into account the room’s decoration, furnishing and other design elements, you can be sure that the color you choose will make your living room an elegant and comfortable one.

Photo Gallery of The 5 Best Living Room Paint Ideas

Dramatic living room paint ideaLiving room house paint color remodelingLiving room paint wallYellow living room

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