Start the Party with a Tiki Umbrella

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Tiki drink umbrella

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When the weather starts to get warmer outside, it’s not common for most of us to think about summer parties, sitting by the pool, and of course – vacations! While some of us will be heading off to tropical islands and the local beach, the best part about summer is that it’s easy to bring the feel of the tropics to your own home. Not only can it be affordable and effective, but extremely fun. Try using these tips toward making your next summer party feel like an island luau for everyone to enjoy!

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Patio Tiki umbrella

A Tiki Umbrella Ties It Together

Tiki umbrellas are a great accessory to get things started for your tropical party. Grab a couple tiki umbrellas for your outdoor tables, and you’ll instantly see the difference in the overall look and theme. From there, you can build the rest of your party’s decor and design around the whole look of the umbrellas. Not only will they provide shade for the sunny day, but they’ll instantly give off a tropical feel that you can play off of with everything else.

Tiki drink umbrella

Tiki Torches, Caribbean Music, and More!

Once you’ve got your tiki umbrellas in place, don’t be afraid to surround the rest of your party with island-themed decor! From tiki torches, to island-specific food like fresh fish, grilled meats, and tropical fruits, to Caribbean music, and more, it doesn’t take much to bring the tropics to life in your own backyard.

Thatched umbrella colors

The best part? There are so many aspects you’ll be able to do yourself, and it won’t cost you a pretty penny! Try adding some natural decor with coconuts, palm leaves, and sea shells, and instead of hiring a band or DJ, find a great playlist with island inspired music that you can play from your phone through a pair of speakers.

Tiki hut umbrella

Of course, the icing on the cake will always be tropical, fruity drinks that you can keep floating all night long. Don’t forget to add a small umbrella in each drink for an island feel.

By starting with tiki umbrellas to kick off your island party, the rest of what you need – will easily, quickly, and cheaply fall into place, so all you have to worry about is having the best time ever with your friends. Instead of thinking of your own backyard, you can imagine you’re in the middle of the islands. Thanks to tiki umbrellas, and maybe a couple tropical drinks, your summer island parties are sure to be the talk of your friends all summer long.

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