Staircase Design Ideas: Contrasting the Looks and Concepts

Staircase for luxury house

A home is a safe place for everyone to live at. A home, adorned by beautiful staircase will very much be more loved, if it can only meet an expectation of the house owner. If you are currently designing a house of yours, and insisting to have a perfect look of staircase, ideas for staircase design might be very helpful. They are worth to try, as to they are designed by professional interior designer. Some of the explanations pictured here are supposed to give insights and ideas on how a safe, pretty, and conceptual staircase should look like.

Metal stairs

Staircase design ideas made from various materials

Knocking Sound – Into the Woods

If your house is mostly consisting of woods, then this staircase design made of woods can be one of your best options and choices. This staircase is basically made of almost a hundred percent woods, adorned by a simple look of small shells sown at once. The knocking sound will very much match with the natural and organic look of it, living you awestruck for a moment to know that your family members might be home while you are in the kitchen. A simple thought to picture this staircase requires no work. They are simply natural.

Books and Staircase – Modern yet functional

One of the most interesting part of a staircase is that you can always out something underneath them. It can be shelves, a little wardrobe, a little something for your plants based pot, or even a bunch of knowledgably seen books there. The stairs can be made simply out of wooden material or granite. There is no rule on that. Yet, make sure to give it an extra space so you could practically out something that hovers it. Once when you realize it, this can be a good thing as a home decoration, as well as a simple ornament.

On the Chess – In Colors

One step, two steps, three steps, you may as well count the steps made by your little ones. Through this design, you may also have a concept of making your staircase as a playground, of course in a safe sense and state, for your kids. The colors do not only stick on black and white – like most chess does have – but it can also be made in many different colors, shaped in square and such. A parental supervision is highly suggested for this concept. No worries, though, you can also make the colors a perfect concept for your modern and bright house.

Roses and Peonies – Floral Adorned Cover

Flowers can be one of your many solutions to a beautiful staircase. The floral might not be printed, for the best. It can be put there on each of the stairs as you step into one to the last stair. Of course, you just do not put it like, you spread it. You may also choose the metallic one. And that is when you decide to have a staircase that the handles are engraved in peonies and roses.

Photo Gallery of Staircase Design Ideas: Contrasting the Looks and Concepts

Metal stairsStaircase Design IdeasStaircase for luxury houseWooden staircase functional

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