Solid Wood Wardrobes – A Classic For A Reason – Wardrobes first came into style for the home in the 18th century, and were used to store family treasures, valuables, etc. Because of the overall complicated design and detail that went into solid wood wardrobes at the time, they were a luxury reserved for the wealthy. As the cost of wood decreased, however, and builders found a way to simplify the wardrobe, they became more of a staple in the everyday home, and for an entirely different reason; clothes storage. Their popularity has not gone out of style since, and today, the idea of having a wardrobe in the home is making a bigger comeback than ever before.

Clothing-armoire Solid Wood Wardrobes - A Classic For A Reason

Clothing armoire

Clothing armoire

While most people do have some type of built-in closet in their home for clothing storage, a wardrobe is a traditional, elegant, and sophisticated way to add extra storage space that doubles as an extremely interesting and eloquent piece of decor. Solid wood wardrobes can typically be found in a bedroom or guest room, used for storing extra clothes (whatever may be out of season), and can really double as extra closet space.

Sliding-wardrobes Solid Wood Wardrobes - A Classic For A Reason

Sliding wardrobes

Under-the-bed storage

Things like large, clunky dressers or under-the-bed storage can be unsightly, inefficient, and don’t always function as well as we’d like them to when it comes to looking through our collection of clothing. What a wardrobe brings to a room in terms of storage is something no other ‘container’ can really do: It works as its own piece of furniture and decor all in one, while being extremely functional for your clothes.

Wooden-wardrobe Solid Wood Wardrobes - A Classic For A Reason

Wooden wardrobe

Because of its height, a solid wood wardrobe can house just about any type of clothing, from formalwear, to more casual apparel, without causing distress to the clothing itself. And, wardrobes are so more than just ‘upright chests’ or tall, detached closets. Though the ease in manufacturing wardrobes since the 18th century has certainly changed, there is no less detail and craftsmanship to the pieces of furniture than ever before. In fact, as they have recently come back into style, thanks to a home trend that favors more rustic, natural looks, more care than ever is being taken in creating beautiful, one of a kind solid wood wardrobes.

White-wardrobe Solid Wood Wardrobes - A Classic For A Reason

White wardrobe

Functional wardrobe

Having a wardrobe in one of your home’s bedrooms is an elegant piece of the past that serves doubly with functionality. Whether you choose to purchase a modern wardrobe, or take it one step further by going on the hunt for a classic, antique wooden wardrobe, the amount of character and charm it can bring to a room will be something you won’t be able to ignore. The fact that it can do so much for space and storage ends up being nothing more than a bonus once you realize how beautiful a solid wood wardrobe can be.

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