Small Bathroom Remodels, What We Did Last Weekend

Unfortunately, modern 1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses are all cursed with one thing in particular, small bathrooms! You might have noticed this trend if you’ve been to many modern show home for sale in the past few years.

Quite frequently, in a push to install the obligatory full sized bath, shower and toilet/basin, builders forget that human beings have to exist in the same space too!

Thankfully, the world of small bathroom remodels has heated up recently, partly based on the new trend of outrageously tiny bathrooms in modern houses!

Small-bathroom-remodel-with-quality-furniture Small Bathroom Remodels, What We Did Last Weekend

Small bathroom remodel with quality furniture

Make Sure You Know Your Numbers

The average shower tray is 1400mm; average full sized bath is roughly 1700mm – Knowing your measurements will make it far easier to understand exactly what’s possibly even in the tinniest of bathrooms.

If you already have a full size bath installed you can breathe a little easier, that’s a guaranteed 1700mm that can easily be turned into a shower cubicle or indeed, another bath.

However, if your builder installed a smaller shower cubicle, (900mm or 1200mm) then it might be time to break out the measuring tape. Most builders fit baths because they’re cheaper to install, if yours didn’t there could well be a space issue underlying it.

Small-elegant-bathroom-design-remodel Small Bathroom Remodels, What We Did Last Weekend

Small elegant bathroom design remodel

Keep It Light, Keep It Bright

We’re a big fan of stone look tiles. Not because we’re traditional or hate strong colors, far from it. We just understand that tiling is a constant balance between natural light, electrical light, dirt and grime.

Tiles take quite an amount of punishment throughout their life cycle. Cleaning, showering, cleaning again plus every time you drop an item and it bumps off the wall.

For these reasons, be careful when picking tiles. Try to avoid truly dark colors except for accent walls and try to place those accent walls within showering areas to avoid dirt and grime showing.

If you really want to follow the trend and go dark with your tiles, please allow an extra portion of your budget to install additional lighting. Dark tiles will suck what little natural light your bathroom might be afforded and being able to flick a switch to balance that out will become a must.

Small-space-bathroom Small Bathroom Remodels, What We Did Last Weekend

Small space bathroom

Choose Quality Furniture. Some parts of your bathroom design you can save your budget on. We’d suggest basins and toilets as a natural area for this. However, we’d also invest wisely on things that you’ll appreciate, such as shower heads, mixers, taps and heated towel rails.

Think About the Plumbing Beforehand. Even if you’re not a qualified plumber, by taking a few hours and beginning to understand where your existing plumbing goes will give you a great idea on what’s possible within a set budget.

Small bathrooms tend to be the most difficult to re-invent anyway. By understanding the existing services and where they’re lying will help you figure out exactly what can be remodelled and exactly where your new bathroom suite can be fitted.

When you do figure out the existing layout of pipes and electrics, try not to go completely mad and swap everything out. Most of your bathroom remodelling budget will be spent on plumbers and electricians to do exactly this type of work; more swapping, more budget! Keep it simple and spend your budget on better items instead.

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