Remodeling a Small Kitchen in this Modern Days

Kitchen design is all the rage nowadays thanks largely to the popularity of TV cookery shows but not all kitchens are the size of a small football stadium. So what can you do if space is limited and you only want a small kitchen remodeled? Surprisingly, quite a lot!

An amazing amount of “extra” space can be created by downsizing your existing kitchen furniture and fittings as well as maximizing your storage options. Visual effects and correct lighting will also create the illusion of spaciousness and an open-plan kitchen is also a good idea if room is really tight.

Modern-small-kitchen-fitting Remodeling a Small Kitchen in this Modern Days

Modern small kitchen fitting

Minimize Waste of Space

No matter how you try, you just cannot fit everything you need, or think you need, into a limited area. But are you taking up space unnecessarily? A two-ring stove and small microwave might be sufficient for your cooking needs and shorter, narrower work surfaces cleared of clutter are even more effective than the widest, longest top that is only ever partially used. And do you really need a king-size fridge and freezer when a smaller fridge-freezer combo is more than adequate? What about the sink unit and draining board? Is it possible to replace it with a smaller version? Downsizing the fixtures and fittings will release more room than you would think possible without losing any of the kitchen’s functionality.

Small-kitchen-easy-remodeling Remodeling a Small Kitchen in this Modern Days

Small kitchen easy remodeling

Maximize Storage

Even in the biggest kitchens, storage space never seems be sufficient to meet demand. Multiply that problem by the limited room available in a tiny kitchen and storage can be a huge problem so it’s time for some clever thinking.

A kitchen table and chairs take up room but serve only one purpose. All the rage nowadays, a kitchen island is more than just a kitchen table but also a real space-saver in terms of storage. A good kitchen island configuration has adequate storage for almost all your kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, cleaning items and more besides. One kitchen island will replace that space-hogging table as well as a couple of cupboards and is also a great centerpiece.

Simple things which are also useful in a small kitchen remodel include using wall-mounted holders for kitchen utensils and vertical drawers to store unusual items like pepper canisters and cookery books instead of wasting drawer space.

Wide Open Spaces

Your small kitchen is obviously limited by its physical dimensions but you can create the illusion of space in several ways.

  1. Mirrors and Glass. It’s an old trick but it works. Strategically located mirrors give an impression of space that doesn’t exist as well as increasing the light levels in the room. Glass doors, tabletops and even glass cabinet doors also create a more spacious look.
  2. Color Scheme. It’s a simple psychological fact that dark colors give a closed-in feeling while bright, cheerful colors have the opposite effect. Light pastel colors are good choices to foster a feeling of spaciousness.
  3. Flooring. The biggest surface area in your kitchen is the floor and choosing something bright and eye-catching such as a black and white check pattern will add depth to the room’s appearance.
Lighting-for-small-kitchen-idea Remodeling a Small Kitchen in this Modern Days

Lighting for small kitchen idea

Let There Be Light

Whether it is the grandest of rooms or just a small kitchen remodel, lighting is the key to success. The proper use of lighting in a kitchen, or indeed any room, can bring about the most amazing transformations.

  1. Work Lights. Instead of the usual bulb hung in the center of the room, fluorescent lights and spot lights in the food preparation areas provide better lighting for your work as well as looking far more attractive.
  2. Suspended Lights. A simple and decorative way to add character to your kitchen is to use suspended lights over the eating area to give a personal touch.
  3. Incandescent Lights. Used properly and subtly, incandescent lighting is visually pleasing and adds shading to furniture and fittings giving even the smallest kitchen a feeling of depth and length.
  4. Atmospheric Lights. The use of small atmospheric lights placed in glass cabinets and around your kitchen will give the room character and appeal.