Practical and Durable Adhesive Floor Tiles

Stenciled concrete floor rug – Floor of the house is an element of the building architecture. Installation of the floor, usually using adhesive floor tiles, and adhesive floor is made of a mixture of silica sand, filler, cement and additives. You just need to mix with water and is ready for use adhesive to glue the entire existing floor tile on the floor of your home. The use of this adhesive is recommended with a thickness of 3-15 mm. You have to choose the adhesive by means of practical and easy to use, has a high adhesion, can be used for various types of floor tiles, saving because of its use, and consistency of the mixture of the adhesive is maintained.

Parquet floor tiles

Parquet floor tiles

Character of the building

Besides adhesive, floor covering material is also determined the character of a building. There are two kinds of floor covering material on the market that is a layer of artificial floor coverings and layers of natural floor coverings. Artificial floor covering layer consisting of cement, vinyl, and ceramic, natural floor covering layer consists of teak wood, granite, marble, and limestone. A long time ago wood became building materials that can be used in all elements.

Pink self adhesive tiles

Wood can be used for roofing, construction, walls, and floors. Until now, the wooden floor is still a well-known material for the home. Wood has a natural beauty and warm impression. Wood can give the feel of the modern, classic, contemporary, and elegant decors. The technology in the manufacture of wooden flooring so sophisticated that public demand is increasing, parquet flooring that has been widely used is solid parquet made of solid wood and parquet engineer made from real wood, engineer parquet made using the layer technology so that the floor has the desired degree of stability.


Using ceramic for floor coverings

The next material is ceramic. Ceramic is the most famous floor coverings. Ceramics has an affordable price. Ceramic also has the motive and the colors are very varied. The use of ceramics not only for flooring but also to the wall, installation of ceramics requires adhesive floor tiles. Choose adhesive that is suitable to glue ceramic tiles.

Stenciled concrete floor rug

Natural stone is good floor covering material. Granite and marble are the type of rock formed within a hundred years. Granite and marble cannot be renewed. The processing of natural stone just mashed. The price of natural stone is very expensive because it is limited. The marble floor is very strong and will not crack to withstand very heavy loads.

Marble floor

The marble floor will make the atmosphere of the room become cool. The marble floor has a luxurious appearance with a variety of motives. But marble floor needs more complex maintenance than other types of flooring. Granite floor has the same characteristics with marble. But the color is darker than the marble.

Granite is rarer in nature, so the price is more expensive than marble. Other materials are also practical and can change the look of your room is vinyl. At the bottom of vinyl there is a layer of plaster that can be changed according to your wishes. Installation of this material is very easy. You can do it yourself. Floor maintenance is also very easy. This material is extremely strong and resistant of water and fires so many buildings use this material.

Photo Gallery of Practical and Durable Adhesive Floor Tiles

PlywoodPink self adhesive tilesStenciled concrete floor rugParquet floor tiles

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