Pointers of French Country House Plans: When Nature and Classic Combines

French Country House Plans

What seems to come across your mind when a house in French design is mentioned? There is probably a thought of things saying that a French house design is classic and magical, like when you have met and seen in those stories you read when you were a kid, being spoken and told by your parents. That was all not false. That was all probably true. And if you now seem to have a desire to have one, who could be blamed to start yourself designing French country house plans? Here are some plans to pay attention at, making it possible for you to make your house as French as possible.

French Country Beauty House Plans

Through the Concept of Country

One needs to acknowledge this before making a house in French country style. One of the most eye catching things about this kind of house is that they are seen as the one with so many bricks and windows, as well as the doors. It seems very classical, though. The idea of country can be stuck there, along with some history behind. However, the houses in these styles have their own uniqueness. As if wanting to make you go back to the past where French Kings and Queens ruled, the house is huge, adorned with some front yard garden to beautify the look on the country house.

Rooms and Spaces

Reading the needs, the house is mostly defined in so many rooms to fulfill. From the outside, you will see that many windows are applied to give good ventilation and letting the light to come in the morning. From the inside, each room is separated by huge pillars. However, that does always depend on your need to have French country house plans. Adjust the need of your family with the rooms. Make sure that you do not spend much money onto the rooms if eventually you would not even use it, wisely thought, please.

Tranquil Feeling: Talking about Exterior Design

Looking through the outside of the house, you will see that this country house is simple and minimalist, but very, very classic in its own way. The grey bricks are purposefully made to state that this house is organic and natural, letting the original material state its own ambience. You will also need to plan one or two chimney, functioned as a room heater, just in case the weather is getting wild and the breeze won’t even stop howling.

Some Insights

Before going around and telling your architect that you want this kind of house, you have to be careful in choosing the design and the concept. Consider about the simplicity and also the classic inside, if you insist to have one, which is good. Also, mind about the other things surround the house, such as floral garden and others. Though seems very simple and country-ish, the look on the garden for the details of the house is merely critical. So, spare enough room to do your own harvest and gardening.

Photo Gallery of Pointers of French Country House Plans: When Nature and Classic Combines

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