What Is A Patio Home?

If you live somewhere with a warmer climate, you may have heard the term ‘patio home’ before. Still, there are so many people who have either never heard of a patio home, or just don’t know what one really is. Obviously, you can make your own guesses – a home with a patio, right? Well, the reality is that there is so much more to patio homes that many people don’t realize. While some compare them to condos or townhomes, patio homes are really in a category all their own. Let’s break down what a patio home typically consists of:

Urban-patio-homes What Is A Patio Home?

Urban patio homes

Urban patio homes

Patio homes can be found in both urban and suburban areas, usually where the weather is typically warm enough to have use for a patio year-round. While they are similar to condos in that they are a group of connected housing units, unlike condos or townhomes, there is usually no shared wall, or only one shared wall between units. In addition, instead of having a yard in the front of each unit, there is an enclosed (or sometimes open) patio that residents can enjoy, making it feel more like a vacation home than a standard townhome or condo.

Suburban-patio What Is A Patio Home?

Suburban patio

Some compare patio homes to 19th century townhomes, as they portray a more courtyard experience, rather than a standard yard. Because of the patio in the front or back of the home, there is typically no yard maintenance, and if there is, it is usually covered by the landlord of the home.

Patio-home What Is A Patio Home?

Patio home

Why Should I Get A Patio Home?

A patio home can be a great home solution for anyone looking for a bit more flare to their rental property, or something different than a standard condo. Because most patio homes are only one-story, they’re great for older people, or for anyone who doesn’t want to have to climb a bunch of stairs. In addition to that, because there is little to no lawn care involved in a patio home, it makes it even better for seniors who otherwise aren’t able to do much manual labor themselves. That isn’t to say patio homes are only for senior citizens – they actually make great summer homes, second homes, or even family homes for those looking for something a little different from the norm. Having a patio in the front or back of your property can add a lot of unique flare to your home, and at any age, it can be relaxing, peaceful, and easy to take care of.

Patio-furniture-home What Is A Patio Home?

Patio furniture home

Patio homes provide all the creature comforts of apartments, condos, and townhomes, without the yard to worry about. They’ve been growing in popularity all over the country for a reason, adding a bit of historic charm to even the most modern of townhome-style living. If you’re considering moving to a townhome or condo, try looking into patio homes instead – you may find you like the overall look, feel, and amenities more than you think!