New Ideas for the Dining Area: Creative Tables & Chairs

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Dining room tables and chairs have been the staple of the home for many years – think about everything that happens around these humble pieces of furniture, from quick breakfasts to family dinners, and even holiday get-togethers. But, until recently, there were plenty of ‘standard’ versions of tables and chairs, but none that could really showcase a true sense of style and individuality.

Farmhouse style

Thankfully, the DIY movement has made its way to tables and chairs, especially in the dining area. There are so many unique ways to truly make your dining set your own nowadays. Let’s go through a few different ideas that you can try if you’re looking to spruce your eating space, and change out your table and chairs.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nowadays, paint options are endless. Of course, there are your standard glossy and matte coats, but with new varieties like chalkboard paint, you can truly transform your table and chairs into something that looks entirely different with just a new color. Try a sleek black coat for something modern and trendy, or use that chalkboard paint to give your table a distressed, rustic look. With a very small budget, you can really change the way your dining set looks with just a bit of patience and paint.


Changing your dining chairs can be as easy as getting them upholstered. You can choose a simple, plain fabric, or something that speaks more to your personality. A popular theme nowadays is to cover the seat of chairs with burlap-style fabric, or fabric that has specialized designs or words. Even if you keep your table completely the same, adding this unique touch to your chairs can make all the difference in the world.


With just a bit of sandpaper, stain, and a sealant, you can create a farmhouse style table & chairs in no time at all. The ‘rustic’ look is extremely trendy nowadays, and you can hop on board by sanding the edges of your table, and creating some ‘rough spots’ throughout the middle. Do the same with your chairs, stain over them, and seal them with a polyurethane coat, and even a new, modern table can look as though it came straight from a 19th century farmhouse.


Gone are the days where a table & chairs had to be part of a complete set. Mixing and matching pieces is on trend, and can be a superb way to bring some color and fun into your interior. Whether you buy the pieces new, or scour yard sales and thrift stores, mismatching pieces together for your table and chairs can make for an even more comfortable and inviting experience around the dining table, each and every time.

Of course, these are just a few ways to spruce up your dining table and chairs – don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to your dining area. Since it’s one of the most important places of the house, it should also be one of your favorite places.

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