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Natural exterior stone cladding

tempat iklan 2 – Some people may think that their walls and floors both inside and outside their house are boring and tiring especially if the color of the wall paint is plain and the floor tiles with the same color make your eyes hurt. Applying a natural stone cladding is one of the ways to make them more interesting. Those who like natural effects in their house will really love to have this kind of natural stone veneer attached to their floors and walls. This kind of natural stone veneer is usually easy to install and easy to maintain. Are you thinking of renovating your house and want to have this kind of natural veneer for your floors and walls? You’d better take a look at these ideas below.

Stone clad walls

Interior Stone Veneer Natural

What you need to know about a cladding made from natural stones:

  • A cladding for a house needs to be made from natural stones because they are easy to find, to use and to clean.
  • A cladding made from natural stones gives natural beauty, refreshing, and luxurious effects to our house. Not to mention the natural stones’ great quality and durability.
  • Natural stones are available in different price, from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones. Even people who have limited budget can have this kind of cladding.

Natural exterior stone cladding

  • Natural stones are available in various colors and designs as well. Not to mention its natural design, every stone has its own uniqueness.
  • It is free to design the cladding with natural stones. It depends on your taste and lifestyle.
  • Climates are the only thing that matter much. Ask yourself before you install the cladding made from natural stones. Is it for exterior or interior design? Is it for flooring or wall? Learn more about the stones and climates well to have the best cladding. Learn if the natural stones you want have chemical properties is beneficial to your health.

Natural stone veneer wall cladding

  • Make sure you hire an expert if you want to have the best result. However to apply the cladding yourself is also fine as long as you do it well and you have enough knowledge of everything about it.
  • The finishes and the sizes of cladding made from natural stones are various. It depends on the stone you choose. Some stones are too hard to cut slightly or smaller.

If you want to have a natural stone cladding to decorate your house but you don’t have enough budget to hire an expert you will always be able to install it by yourself the way you like it. Make sure when you buy the stones you ask everything about your choice. Take a look at the guidance below.

Stone clad walls

Guidance to install cladding made from natural stones:

  1. Be careful when you make a layout of the cladding from natural stones. It needs your creativity as well. Arrange the natural stones the way you like it. You are always free to decorate your own house, right? It will be more satisfactory if you create everything by yourself.
  2. Install the cladding carefully and properly. Be careful when you apply the coat onto the walls or floors otherwise the natural stones are not properly attached. Remember it is not for short term installation. For exterior design, prepare special coat to prevent it from scratches and water. The coat is usually available in the place where you buy natural stones.
  3. Fill the holes between the stones with special cement. Make sure you learn about the cement to fill the gaps and holes of the stones well. After filling the gaps and the holes, let them dry.
  4. If there are spot and dirt on the stones, use vinegar combined with water and use a brush to wash it.
  5. Your cladding made from natural stones is on.

It is easy right? Good luck if you want to install a cladding made from natural stones for your walls, floors, or others. Ask information to people who have self-cladding-installment experiences is beneficial. Hopefully, this article about natural stone cladding will be helpful to you.

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Natural exterior stone claddingNatural stone veneer wall claddingInterior Stone Veneer NaturalStone clad walls

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