Mid-Continent Cabinetry – Adding Charm to Any Home

Mid-continent cabinetry has taken the home design world by storm. If you haven’t heard of mid-continent cabinetry, chances are it’s because you’re not currently looking for a kitchen remodel, but, if you ever do feel like an upgrade, or a change in scenery, you’ll be amazed by what the effects of this cabinetry style can do for the overall look of your home.

Arlington-Rustic-Cherry-Harvest Mid-Continent Cabinetry - Adding Charm to Any Home

Arlington Rustic Cherry Harvest

Mid-continent cabinetry is mostly found in kitchens, but can also be found in certain bathrooms. The draw to this particular style comes from its versatility. Immediately, when you hear the name, you might think of something classic, charming, older, vintage, etc., and you wouldn’t be wrong, but there is so much more you can do to change the look of a kitchen with these cabinets. Check out these ideas for your next kitchen update, and how mid-continent cabinetry could fit in.

Classic Cottage

Many mid-continent cabinets will come with a sort of ‘shabby chic’ look to them. This could be an off-white color with distressed edges, or even the wood itself could look somewhat weathered. This particular look adds a sense of charm and warmth to any kitchen, and would be perfect for a smaller home, or to bring that warmth into a larger kitchen to tone it down a bit.

Sleek-Modern-Cabinetry Mid-Continent Cabinetry - Adding Charm to Any Home

Sleek & Modern Cabinetry

Sleek & Modern

You may not think about modern kitchens when thinking about these cabinets, but the truth is, they work very well even in the most updated kitchens. Try a bright white color with open fronts to display wine bottles, china, and more. If you have a lot to ‘show off’ in your kitchen, considering open fronts for your cabinetry is a great idea.

Retro-kitchen-cabinetry Mid-Continent Cabinetry - Adding Charm to Any Home

Retro kitchen cabinetry


What’s old is new again, as in…Not that old? Simply put, the 1970s and 1980s styles are coming back into fashion today, and not just through clothing. Home decor is making a big shift in style to the ‘mod’ look of the 70’s, and the classic look of the 80’s. The best part? These styles are coming back in a more subdued fashion, so we’re getting all of the great parts of decor, without the flashy tones. Mid-continent cabinetry is a perfect fit for homes looking for that ‘retro’ touch, perhaps from their childhood.

Farmhouse-cabinetry-large-area Mid-Continent Cabinetry - Adding Charm to Any Home

Farmhouse cabinetry large area


Mid-continent cabinetry is a great solution for a large, open farmhouse kitchen. Whether you choose to go with natural-looking wood, or paint it a color of your choosing, the natural imperfections and subtleties that can come in these cabinets ensures that your farmhouse kitchen will truly be one-of-a-kind. These cabinets can add a sense of comfort, hominess, and warmth to even larger kitchens where there is a lot of cooking, family, and socializing going on! You’ll love the feeling of ‘home’ something as simple as cabinetry can bring to any space, with just the right finishing touches.