Making Lodge Decor More Accessible

Wooden lodge decor that feels cozy

LODGE DECOR has been around for a long time, and we immediately make our own associations with it. Perhaps you’ve been in actual hunting lodges, ski lodges, or themed hotels or restaurants that capture that ‘look.’ Or, maybe you have a friend or family member who has a rustic cabin where that type of decor seems to naturally fit in. But you don’t need to live in a ski lodge or have animals as trophies hanging from your walls to incorporate that style of decor for your own home. The truth is, lodge decor can actually bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a home, because it’s typically more rustic and natural-looking. Check out these tips on how to introduce lodge decor into your home in a subtle, effective way.

Wooden lodge decor that feels cozy

Industrial Meets Nature

The very basis of the lodge look is natural, but by adding something more industrial (wrought iron, steel, etc.) along with the natural look, you can really create the lodge feel very simply. Try a wooden and steel pipe bookcase, or an iron chandelier with rustic-looking Edison bulbs for a distressed touch. Wherever you can combine industrial works with natural-looking wood, it can instantly transform that piece of decor into a rustic, cozy cabin feel.

Leather Furniture

Most lodges are known for their oversized leather sofas, chairs, etc. While you don’t need to go all out in your home, adding a few leather accents to your furniture is a great way to capture that kind of warmth and lodge appeal. A leather chair, or even a leather ottoman can add a pop of lodge style to a living room – it looks especially great near a wooden fireplace or stove, for a little extra lodge-style appeal!

Wooden Touches

As stated above, lodge decor at its core is based off of natural-looking wood, so find ways to subtly push that into your home decor. This could be a rustic-looking picture frame, a lodge-style centerpiece for your table, or even homage to an animal-style trophy hanging on your wall. The older or more natural the wood looks, the better!

Get Cozy

The warmth that comes from many lodges not only comes from furniture and natural beauty, but from the comfort that seems to exude from every detail of decor, including small things like pillows and blankets. Try adding a few of these touches to your living space to give it that rustic lodge warmth. Woven throws or tribal-style blankets are a great way to add even more authenticity to the look.

With just a few subtle and simple changes to your home, you can capture the very spirit and essence of lodge decor, and in no time, you’ll be sipping a cup of coffee in your living room, and feel like you’re relaxing in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by comforting, warm, and inviting lodge home decor.

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Wooden lodge decor that feels cozyLodge DecorChristmast lodge decor

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