LED Ceiling Lights – What You Didn’t Know, And Why You Should Be Using Them

LED recessed Ceiling Lights

The LED-lighting craze has taken over the entire industry to the point where ‘old fashioned’ light bulbs have truly become a thing of the past. Not only are LED bulbs more energy efficient, but boast a longer lifespan than other, traditional ceiling light options. But with the craze of LED lights sweeping the world, do you know everything there is to know about lighting up your home with LED? Check out these simple facts you might not know about this fascinating lighting of the future, and consider changing out your ceiling lights.

LED recessed Ceiling Lights

LED Bulbs Will Keep You Cool

It might be hard to believe a light bulb could actually be associated with cooling down a home, but it’s true! LED bulbs run much cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs, which can keep your home cooler in the hot summer months, and can actually help to cut back a bit on your electric bills. They give off a lot of light without producing a lot of heat, so you can stay totally cool, and totally bright!

Instant Light

Put LED ceiling lights in rooms that have heavy traffic, or rooms that you might go in and out of quickly. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs turn on instantly and give you full light, without affecting the overall life of the bulb. Regular light bulbs actually get degraded a bit each time you turn them on, which can make them die out faster. If you’re cycling through light many times throughout the day, LED bulbs are the way to go.

LEDs Spread Out the Light

You might have noticed that some LED bulbs come in strange-looking shapes, like spirals, or cones, etc. There’s actually a reason for that! Where most incandescent bulbs come in one standard shape, no matter the wattage, most LED bulbs are designed to disperse more light evenly, depending on the shape. If you’re installing LED lights in your ceiling, you might want to opt for a cone shape, that’s bigger at the bottom, so the most light possible will flood into your room from the ceiling. LED lights may be a bit more expensive, but you’re actually getting a larger area of light from them.

Keep Bugs at Bay

Bugs are naturally attracted to UV-lighting, which most LED lights don’t possess. Some LED manufacturers even use the ‘no bugs’ idea in their marketing, but it can actually be helpful when considering which lights to buy. If you’re putting LED lights in your home, chances are, you don’t want bugs hanging around. Most LED lights won’t attract insects, no matter which room the bulbs are in.

So, if you’ve considered LED lighting for your home, take these facts into account, and be knowledgeable of the responsible investment you’re making in your ceiling lighting. LED lights have a lot of perks that come along with them that not many people may even realize! Now that you’re up to speed on these lesser-known facts, enjoy the benefits.

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LED Ceiling LightsLED Ceiling Lights no bugsLED recessed Ceiling Lights

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