Kitchen Pendant Lighting – Brightening Up the Best Room in the House

If you haven’t heard of pendant lighting, it’s a home decor trend that seems to be sweeping the nation lately! And, rightfully so. Pendant lighting offers a unique, stylish, and all around different look to any room, from entryways to dining rooms, and everything in between. Recently, more and more people have begun using pendant lighting in the kitchen to add a touch of personal flare to the room that most people spend quite a bit of time in each day. If you’re not familiar with pendant lighting, or not sure if it’s right for your kitchen, take a look at these pendant lighting tips below.

Kitchen-Pendant-Lighting Kitchen Pendant Lighting - Brightening Up the Best Room in the House

What is pendant lighting, anyway?

In short, pendant lighting actually refers to the light fixtures you’ll be using in your home, instead of an actual light source or special kind of bulb. These fixtures come in modern or vintage looks, from large to small, and if you look hard enough, they can be incredibly artistic and unique.

Modern-Kitchen-Pendant-Lighting Kitchen Pendant Lighting - Brightening Up the Best Room in the House

What kind of pendant lighting is right for the kitchen?

Pendant lighting first came into play in dining areas and hallways, because they serve as a lower-hanging vessel for rooms with higher ceilings. But, they have recently come into popularity for kitchens due to their overall style. When it comes to a specific type of pendant light for the kitchen, your own personal style should come first. A pendant light can really turn your kitchen into a brighter, bolder place, so don’t be afraid to play along with that. Just make sure you have the ceiling height for the type of light you’re looking for. When it comes to pendant lights that hang lower, you don’t want it to become an inconvenience that you’ll have to ‘duck’ under each time you pass by.

Rustic-Kitchen-Pendant-Lighting Kitchen Pendant Lighting - Brightening Up the Best Room in the House

Choosing pendant lighting

As stated above, pendant light fixtures come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and overall looks. For a kitchen, you’ll likely choose either a modern look, or a rustic look. Modern pendant lighting will give you different shades of steel and metal, and can either look somewhat futuristic, or industrial – either of those looks would be great in an updated, modern kitchen. For a more cottage look, there are pendant light fixtures that actually look as though they’re being lit with candles as an illusion, and can give the feel of a wagon wheel, etc. If you pride yourself on your country kitchen, it could be just the solution for you.

When it comes to pendant lighting for your kitchen, the sky’s the limit! Don’t be afraid to browse different types of pendant fixtures to fit your needs. The kitchen is the most popular place in the house for a reason, so make sure it’s always bright, and inviting for everyone with the perfect pendant light.