Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Love it or loathe it, the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house and after years of familiarity it can become old, tired and plain boring. A totally new and re-fitted kitchen would be lovely but expensive so the next best thing is to seek out appealing kitchen remodeling ideas which can be used to good effect in your own home.

Before you bring in a team of carpenters, painters and decorators, at great expense, there are quite a number of improvements you can do yourself or for only a modest outlay. It’s time to decide what really needs to be fixed, restored or replaced entirely.

Kitchen-remodel-after Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

The All-Important List

The chances are that what you think needs to be replaced is only your own perception due to familiarity over a long period of time. Chipped or broken surfaces can be replaced or repaired, dull walls repainted and windows and doors altered to an extent that nobody would recognize the newly appointed kitchen.

Your checklist should contain the following:

  • Kitchen Appliances and Fittings. Don’t be tempted to waste money needlessly just because you think your oven might need replacing. Yes, there comes a time when the oven or hob must go but if it works perfectly well, a little attention may be all it needs for a few added years of service. The same applies to sink units and draining boards.
  • Cupboards and Presses. It’s surprising how a coat of paint and a new set of door knobs or handles can breathe new life into tired looking cupboards and presses. Before consigning everything to the scrapheap, consider freshening things up with a lick of paint. Just changing the handles on kitchen furniture is one of the cheapest kitchen remodeling ideas and one of the most effective.
  • Flooring. No matter what material is used on the kitchen floor it will deteriorate over time. However, once the actual base beneath the floor is solid and safe, a more cost-effective choice to installing a wood floor is to use wood-effect laminates or tiles.
  • Windows and Doors. As with cupboards and presses, a fresh, smooth and bright paint applied to windows and doors will transform the look and feel of the dullest kitchens. If, for whatever reason, you feel you must replace either or both then it is best not to tackle the job yourself. However, qualified and reputable craftsmen don’t come cheap, nor do doors or windows, so shop around for the best quote and recommendations.

Cupboard-for-kitchen-remodeling Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Save on Costs

Bear in mind that your kitchen is primarily a workroom. There is no point spending a small fortune for a “dream” kitchen that you are afraid to sit in, let alone use for cooking. Think about going for an old-fashioned or rustic look. This opens up the possibility of using older or second-hand kitchen furniture and fittings which can be bought at reasonable prices from any number of sources nowadays. Internet sites are a great source of second-hand and unwanted items as are local markets and garage sales and great bargains are to be had if you invest a little time in your search.

Warm-kitchen-remodel-3D Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Warm and Friendly

Above all, a kitchen should have a homely, welcoming and lived-in feel to it and not be a replica of a doctor’s surgery. There are so many kitchen remodeling ideas now available to anybody with access to the internet that it can be overpowering sometimes. Simple, clean, bright and friendly should be the objective and it’s not that difficult to achieve at a reasonable cost.