Ideal kitchen Design ideas

The humble kitchen is the heart of the home but for too many years was not given the respect and treatment it deserved. When it came to buying household furniture and equipment, the kitchen was always relegated to the bottom of the list and often furnished with leftovers and hand-me-downs from the more exalted parlor or dining-room. However, with the rise in popularity of so much cookery shows on television these days the kitchen is back and with a very loud bang!

Luxurious-kitchen-design-idea Ideal kitchen Design ideas

The Future is Bright

Gone are the days when a kitchen consisted of the bare essentials. Nowadays, kitchens are equipped with the best of cookers, hobs, furniture and fittings. It could be argued that some kitchens have gone too far and resemble a set from “Star Wars” but most are designed for simplicity, efficiency and comfort.

Forget a drab little room with peeling paint, battered furniture and lifeless wallpaper. The modern-day kitchen is big, brash, bold and bright. Crimsons, purples, yellows or any color you fancy is now fashionable in kitchen decor. Bright colors and stainless steel fittings are the order of the day in place of drab creams and tired wood. And central to the kitchen revival is the kitchen island.

Modern-kitchen-design-ideas Ideal kitchen Design ideas

On the Island

From a simple stand used as a table to complex affairs with built-in drawers and shelving, a kitchen island is the centerpiece of modern kitchens.

  • Industrial Island. Similar to those found in hotels, industrial kitchen islands are usually made of stainless steel although wood and other materials are also used.
  • Mobile Islands. The new breed of kitchen islands, mobile islands are becoming increasingly popular as they can be wheeled to a new location without the need for major upheaval needed to move fixed islands.

A kitchen island is so much more than just a place to eat breakfast. It is a countertop for preparing food and also provides added storage space for pots, pans, crockery and other kitchen utensils and is an integral part of the best kitchen design ideas of the last few years.

Vertical-kitchen-drawer Ideal kitchen Design ideas

Storage Solutions

No matter how many drawers, shelves and cupboards you had in your kitchen, finding the items you wanted or extra storage has always been a problem. However, some of the newer kitchen design ideas have solved this problem to a large degree.

  • Pull-Out Shelving. A simple but effective idea. No more pulling everything off the front of the shelf to reach that one item that is always right at the back.
  • Vertical Drawers. Designed to fit perfectly into those little spaces that for so long were just left empty. Vertical drawers use what would otherwise be wasted space to store smaller, slimmer items such as cookery books, cleaning items, spices and much more.

A New Era

The kitchen has come a long way in recent years, from being an afterthought to the center of attention. Clearly dependent upon the space available, the modern ideal kitchen is now closer to that found in hotels and restaurants but with a homely feel. Bright, bold colors, steel fittings and maximum use of space are part of modern kitchen design but are not the only things to consider in designing the ideal kitchen for your home. Cleanliness and efficiency are important but so are comfort, style and a warm, friendly, family atmosphere.

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