How to Pick the Right Contemporary Dining Room Sets? – Dining room isn’t only a place for having meals, but also a great spot for designing and decorating your home interior. Some of you may be interested more in contemporary dining room sets rather than traditional one, don’t you? Rather than modern style, you may think that the contemporary one feels more flexible and livelier. If you consider purchasing them, make sure to follow the tips below.

Modern-dining-table-and-Chrome-white-chairs How to Pick the Right Contemporary Dining Room Sets?

Modern dining table and Chrome white chairs

The Elements of Contemporary Dining Sets

Like modern style, contemporary furniture including dining sets is also incorporating simple, sleek, and clean lines appearances. The style lacks of ornaments and craving. The overall decorative elements are focused on simplicity. However, unlike modern style which mostly feel stricter in design, contemporary style is more open. Modern style usually uses only white, black, gray, and other neutral hues, while contemporary design combines bold hues or strong accent to give brighter nuances.

Modern-chair-and-table-for-diningroom How to Pick the Right Contemporary Dining Room Sets?

Modern chair and table for diningroom

Buying Guide

Before start purchasing your contemporary dining room sets, there are several things you should consider, including:

  1. Set Your Budget

The first thing is setting your budget for the overall dining room sets. It’s because your available budget will determine the materials and styles. You can decide to invest big at the beginning for long lasting furniture, or just affordable one which you can replace soon.

Contemporary-dining-room-furniture How to Pick the Right Contemporary Dining Room Sets?

Contemporary dining room furniture

  1. Determine the Materials

There are various types of materials to make contemporary dining sets, including:

– Metal

Metal is less common material for dining tables but usually chosen for chair sets. For table, they are usually combined with glass or wood. Metal is very durable materials but also heavy and expensive. It can help to create dramatic looks.

– Glass

Glass is a perfect choice for dining sets in small spaces. It helps to create an illusion like nothing blocking the view and visually expand the spaces. When you pair glass table with metal chairs, you can enhance the contemporary looks, but you still can pair it with other décor style. Glass tables are easy to clean and always give more sophisticated and clean looks.

Black-Italian-marble-dining-table-idea How to Pick the Right Contemporary Dining Room Sets?

Black Italian marble dining table idea

– Wood

Although wood is commonly found in traditional furniture, but you can also use dark colored dining tables in your contemporary dining room. With a touch of modern style from the table, you can pair it with leather chairs to enhance the contemporary atmosphere.

  1. Measure the Size Dining Sets

For furniture sets in contemporary dining room, the shape of table is usually rectangular or square. Rectangular tables are great sets for large dining room which can accommodate large people. Meanwhile, square tables are perfect for small spaces and those who want more intimate dining time as a couple. You should avoid round tables because they have more traditional appearance. For the size, standard dining tables should have 28 to 30 inches of height. The counter height of tables comes generally in 34 to 36 inches high, meanwhile the bar height is 40 to 42 inches high.

  1. Measuring Your Dining Area

The size of your dining room and how many people you want to accommodate will determine the size of your dining sets. For example, for only 4 people in small dining room, you can opt for square table in 71 to 101 cm. Meanwhile, if you have large space and want to accommodate 10 to 12 people, you can choose the table 91 x 244 cm.

Don’t forget to think about other elements of decoration such as lighting, arts, or others which still complement the contemporary looks.

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