How to Mix Dining Room Chairs

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Dining Room Table and Chairs

tempat iklan 2 – There’s a new trend in the world of kitchen furniture, and it’s completely mismatched – in a good way! Mixing dining room chairs has become the latest kitchen trend for a lot of people, especially following the farmhouse or ‘shabby chic’ look many people are going for in their kitchens nowadays. Rustic and distressed is in, and by mixing dining room chairs, you can offer your kitchen or dining room a more comfortable, homey, and warm look. However, there are several rules to consider to do it the ‘right’ way and still make it look organized and ‘on purpose.’

Dining Room Chairs

Buy the Same Chair, Use Different Colors

By having the same chair design, but in different, complementing colors, you’re still adding a bit of whimsy and uniqueness to your dining set without getting too crazy. This is a great, subtle and effective way to mix and match your chairs if you’re not ready to completely take the plunge and get a bunch of different-looking chairs at once.

Be Random and Uniform

An alternative to different colors of the same chair is the same color for different chairs. Try buying different styles for dining room chairs, and painting them one or two complementing colors, like black and white, or a couple different neutral colors.

Accent Chairs

Want just a touch of mismatched chairs? Try adding a pop of color to each end of your table with a colored chair that complements the rest. It’s just enough of a finishing touch that will show off your colorful side, while still allowing your dining room furniture to look classy and elegant.

Play With The Same Pallette

If you are considering mixing colors for your chairs, it’s important to consider which color family you’re going with. Having a Hodge podge of different colors is the wrong way to mix and match your dining room chairs. Instead, pick a color family, and choose colors that fit within that specific pallette. A good idea (and usually a safe one!) is to go with more neutral tones like beiges, greens, browns, etc. There are many variations of color there, and you can choose several options that work for you.

Go Modern, Go Vintage

The mismatched dining chairs look is typically a reflection of vintage design, but it can be effective to mix modern with vintage, to create a style all your own. If you’ve got a modern-looking table, use rustic looking chairs. Or, use rustic chairs and add an extremely chic and modern chair to each end. The best of both worlds can easily be represented, and still look great when it comes to mixing dining room chairs.

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