How to Make a Statement Using Entry Doors with Sidelights

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Fiberglass entry door with sidelights

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When we think of home decor, oftentimes we only focus on the inside of our house. That typically includes the type of lighting we allow into our homes with windows. Whether your interior is filled with multiple windows, one big picture window, or French doors all over, the purpose of windows like this is to allow as much light as possible into our homes, and can make our spaces seem larger, more open, and more inviting. But, we often ignore how our home appears from the outside. If you spend so much time making sure the interior is inviting, wouldn’t you want someone looking at your house from the street to feel just as comforted when they get a glimpse? The perfect way to offer that warmth, even at a glance, is with sidelights added to your entry doors.

Front entry door with sidelights design

Sidelights Make a Statement

Whether you have a small or large home, adding sidelights to your entry doors can make a great statement, even from far away. They add a lot of curb appeal to any home, and can completely change the look of the outside of your home with just a little extra effort.

You can either choose to have a single sidelight, or double, and depending on your choice, they can either increase or decrease the overall light transference into your home. They work with almost any entry doors, including wood, fiberglass, and steel, and can usually match your current style almost perfectly. With a variety of glass options, frosting options, and overall decoration to the window and design of the sidelights, they can be customized to look as though they were always there in the first place.


Sidelights can not only allow more light into your home, but create the overall ‘look’ of French doors or double doors, which can make your entire entryway seem larger, and more inviting. While sidelights may introduce a bit of an extra cost, especially if they require you to redo your doorframe, the appeal that they add is practically priceless, especially if you ever plan on selling your home.

The overall addition of sidelights to your entry doors can completely change the look of the exterior of your home, and while it’s definitely not a ‘simple DIY’ project that can be done in a few hours, the bit of extra effort is worth the appeal, the price, and the look you’ll get afterwards. If you live in a smaller home, sidelights are a perfect way to boost the value, and put your home in an entirely different category. Changing your home’s look doesn’t always have to mean a complete home makeover. Something like sidelights are a perfect way to add more dimension, and more warmth to the exterior of your home.

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Photo Gallery of How to Make a Statement Using Entry Doors with Sidelights

Front entry door with sidelights designSidelights front entry doorFiberglass entry door with sidelights

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