How to Keep Centipedes out of Your Living Room with These Five Easy Ways

Centipedes are not only nasty, but also scary. Knowing how to keep centipedes out of your living room is thus important if you don’t want those nasty pests to scare off your family and guests. Unlike millipede, which is still nasty but slow and not very fond of biting, centipede is fast and its bite can be painful. Centipedes are also not the most elegant of household guests. They mostly live outdoors, but when the temperature degree is low or when they are hungry, they may venture inside. Even the nicest-looking living room will feel repulsive if it is frequented by these pets. If you want to keep them away from your house, here are five easy ways to prevent centipedes from invading your residence.

Centipedes How to Keep Centipedes out of Your Living Room with These Five Easy Ways

Spray insecticides around the borders of your living room

Although centipedes—and millipedes—are not taxonomically classified as insects (they are arthropods), insecticides may still kill them. Centipedes usually invade your house through tiny cracks and crevices in the wall corners. Spray insecticides in those areas and when you see centipedes again in your living room, they will be either dead or near death. Although you may still scream when you see the sick pests, removing paralyzed centipedes is much easier than removing swift and healthy ones.

House-centipedes How to Keep Centipedes out of Your Living Room with These Five Easy Ways

Moat your house with insecticides

You can spray insecticides at particular places inside your house, but it would be more efficient to simply make a moat around your house using insecticides. Spray insecticides or dust them around the exterior wall of your house to fortify your house from centipede attacks. Many homeowners believe that this is the best way of how to keep centipedes out of your living room. Because the insecticides are dusted outside, you can hope that you will never again see centipedes, including dead ones, inside your house.

Pest-control How to Keep Centipedes out of Your Living Room with These Five Easy Ways

Use sticky traps at places where centipedes often appear

Sticky traps are quite effective for trapping swift pests, especially rats and mice. You can also expect them to be effective for trapping centipedes. Put these traps at places you usually see centipedes lurking around and you can expect that when you see them again, they will be struggling to escape from the traps. Remember, though, that centipedes are not as vulnerable as rats. If the trap is not wet enough, these pests may be able to pass through it easily due to their lightweight body. And if they are trapped, they can still escape although they may need to sacrifice some of their legs.

Sticky-trap-for-centipedes-and-other-bugs How to Keep Centipedes out of Your Living Room with These Five Easy Ways

Close all cracks and crevices

Centipedes invade your house through small cracks and crevices on the wall and floor. Covering them with plaster may prevent these outdoor invaders from paying a visit to your house. Remember, though, that there may be hundreds of these kinds of crack and crevice on the wall of your house. Covering all of them might not be an easy task.

Make your house free from centipede’s prey

Centipedes are predators. They venture indoors because they believe that they can find preys, including insects, spiders and other arthropods, inside your house. If they indeed find preys, they will go back again to your house when they are hungry. If you keep your house free from centipede’s prey, you may be able to reduce the frequency of their visit to your house. Call a pest exterminator to free your house from centipedes and their potential preys.