How to Introduce Wrought Iron Wall Decor to Your Home

Wrought iron wall decor introduction. When we think of wrought iron, the most typical image that may come to mind could be an outdoor gate, or fence, or even a trellis along a garden. We don’t often think of wrought iron within our homes, especially when it comes to decor. However, recent trends have brought wrought iron back into the spotlight, not only when it comes to outdoor use, but indoor decor. In fact, wrought iron wall decor has become a huge trend in recent years, thanks to the popularity of industrial and ‘shabby chic’ looks that can really make even the most modern of homes look like a charming, rustic farmhouse or cottage.

Wrought-iron-screen-doors How to Introduce Wrought Iron Wall Decor to Your Home

(Wrought iron screen doors)

So, what are some ideas you can use for wrought iron wall decor?

Take Gate Inspiration

You can make your wall decor functional by using two decorative pieces of wrought iron as ‘doors,’ perfect for an entryway into a bathroom, sunroom, etc. This ties the inspiration of having a garden gate somewhere in your home, and can add a touch of whimsy and mystique to any area of your house.

Wrought-iron-round-mirror How to Introduce Wrought Iron Wall Decor to Your Home

(Mirror and wrought iron)

Mirror, Mirror…

One great way to add wrought iron to your walls is by purchasing a mirror framed with wrought iron. These decorative mirrors look great almost anywhere in the home, and offer a more subtle approach to the wrought iron look, instead of having to hang a large, heavy piece. Bathrooms, hallways, or bedrooms are often great spots to add a touch of beautiful industrialism with a wrought iron mirror.

Wrought-iron-beautiful-wall-decor How to Introduce Wrought Iron Wall Decor to Your Home

(Beautiful big wrought iron as decoration)

Go Big!

Many wrought iron pieces for the wall are designed to be hung in a fashion that actually takes up a good portion of the wall, with decorative twists, turns, and curves to make the iron itself look almost like a blooming garden. Pick a wall in your home that could use a little extra character, in a space where the iron won’t overtake the room, and it can be a beautiful, old fashioned, and homey way to add warmth to your house. They go with so many decorative themes, that there’s a good chance you wouldn’t need to change much else about the other decorations in your home/room.

Big-and-functional-wrought-iron-wall-decor How to Introduce Wrought Iron Wall Decor to Your Home

(Wine hanger using wrought iron)

When you bring the ‘outside’ in with a wrought iron look, you’re adding a certain charm to your house that can’t be found with any other type of decor. Of course, there are other ways to introduce wrought iron into your decorating, from chandeliers, to bed frames, and from handrails to picture frames, the opportunities for adding this mystery metal to your home are seemingly endless. Decide what works best in your personal space, and you can practically transform the entire look and feel of your house with just a few select pieces. Have fun hunting for the wrought iron solutions that would fit your home, and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your decor!