How to Get Great yet Cheap Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom – During cleaning up your bedroom, you may have some problem to take off the dust from the top of your wardrobes. Well, it’s only an old story when you have fitted wardrobes. It’s also great furniture to maximizing your bedroom spaces and store more clothes. But, it looks expensive? How can I get cheap fitted wardrobes?

Sliding-doors-fitted-wardrobes How to Get Great yet Cheap Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Sliding doors fitted wardrobes

Type of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes have different types, styles, and size depending on your bedroom sizes and styles. The common types of fitted wardrobes usually are:

  1. Six doors wide closet

Fitted wardrobes with six doors wide closet are perfect sets for large bedroom since it takes the most spaces. The standard size of this type of fitted wardrobes is 3.8 meters. The height comes in various sizes depending on the interior and exterior finishes and construction material of the bedroom. It is built in 3 wide closets or sections with two doors for each section. The sections can accommodate more drawers and spaces for hanging clothes. It has the highest prices for fitted wardrobes about £4,800 or $5,300.

Fitted-wardrobe How to Get Great yet Cheap Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Fitted wardrobe

  1. Two sections custom build closet

If six doors fitted wardrobes have 3 sections, this type only has two sections with custom build closet. It usually comes in simple design but in variety of finishes. Since its custom type so the price is quite high up to £3,200 or $3,200.

  1. Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are perfect fit and look stylish for bedroom with contemporary design. The size comes in variety to suit any size of your bedroom. There are built-in sliding fitted wardrobes with 3 sections that cost you about £2,800 and £3,600 ($3,100 and $4,000). But different sizes, styles, finishes, interior layouts will change the prices. For small bedroom spaces, you can choose fitted wardrobes with mirror sliding doors to visually make the room looks bigger.

Fitted-furniture-cheap How to Get Great yet Cheap Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Fitted furniture cheap

  1. Fitted wardrobes with three doors

With three doors fitted wardrobes, you can get cheap fitted wardrobes under £3,000. This type of fitted wardrobes is similar with common three doors wardrobes. The difference is the height which it has floor-to ceiling height to accommodate more things inside. The standard price comes between £2,500 and £2,800. If you add or choose different features such as columns, drawers, or moldings, you need to prepare for paying more. If you look for less in price, choose the one with less intricate design.

Cheap-built-in-wardrobes How to Get Great yet Cheap Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Cheap built in wardrobes

Can I Try DIY Approach for My Fitted Wardrobes?

Usually, what makes fitted wardrobes feel so expensive is due to the installation costs which may require you to pay another thousand. So, why don’t you try to do some DIY fitted wardrobes to save up? Today, there are lots of online buyers who sold DIY wardrobes to match any of your room size. Take a note you should aware that if you are lucky you can get everything done at once, but if not, you can meet some errors. So, make sure that you have the capability to get everything right. You can try to get a consultation from companies which offer free consultation. Ask some suggestion about the design and precise dimension according to your bedroom size.

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