How to Decorate Your Apartment: To take it from Drab to Fab

Apartments can be functional and attractive regardless of size. You can express your style and create wonderful spaces with decorating ideas that will infuse a unique style and your personality into your apartment. Start by turning awkward apartment features into your favor by including these in your design plan. As an example, turn odd corners and small closets into storage spaces by adding floating shelves or wire racks. The concept of making attractive and effective use of every space will work throughout the apartment. This is also a good way to help reduce the clutter that will make a small space look even smaller and more unattractive.

How-to-Decorate-Your-Apartment How to Decorate Your Apartment: To take it from Drab to Fab

Use Fabrics and Materials to Add Color and Texture for Style

Adding fabrics to the apartment is another of the apartment decorating ideas that will make any space more attractive and more enjoyable. While windows are needed to allow light into the rooms, they can often be a drab looking. However, windows can become a design feature by adding curtains made of colorful fabric that will blend with the furniture. Curtains can also be used to create privacy during the evening hours and to block out unwanted sunlight.

Bound rugs are another use of fabric to create style and beauty. Rugs will enhance the appearance of any room even when laid over carpeting. Often, the carpeting is not in good shape, or it may not work with your furniture. Carpet stores often have beautiful end pieces of expensive carpeting that they will sell for an excellent price.

Mirrors and Art Works Are Wonderful Decor Features

Mirrors can make an apartment look larger, and mirrors can also add style to any room. A mirror is both functional and decorative, and also creates an illusion. Properly placed mirrors will make your apartment seem larger than it is. A frame that matches the colors in a room will enhance the apartment’s decor. Colorful art works properly placed on the walls will also add to the decor.

Apartment-lighting-decoration How to Decorate Your Apartment: To take it from Drab to Fab

Furniture Can Make the Apartment Look Larger and More Enjoyable

Keep in mind that furniture can make the apartment seem smaller or furniture can make the apartment seem larger. The trick to using furniture is something called scale. Scale means that large overstuffed furniture will not look right because it is too large for the room. This furniture will make the room look smaller, and cramped and even cluttered. Every piece of furniture should be “apartment sized.” This is probably the most important decorating idea for making an apartment attractive and an enjoyable living space. Leaving the furniture about 20 inches out from the wall will also make the apartment look larger.

Lighting Is Important

Adequate lighting is an essential element of apartment decorating. Dim lights will make rooms look dull, and make the apartment look smaller than it is. The wattage of the bulbs is a factor in creating adequate lighting. Placing lamps with soft light bulbs in the right places in any room will enhance the decor and allow light to permeate through the room. Lampshades are also important, and the lighter-colored translucent shades will create a much better look in a room. Lighting can be used to turn a room into a comfortable, cozy space.

Apartment-kitchen-decoration How to Decorate Your Apartment: To take it from Drab to Fab

The Most Important Secret for Apartment Decorating

The most important secret to finding the best apartment decorating ideas is to mix fabrics and colors to make a room come to life. It is equally important to allow your creativity to come into play. Experiment with colors and fabric to the extent that your budget will allow. Remember there are many ways to add color, fabric, and style to your apartment.

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