How to Create Color Harmony in Kitchen with Maple Kitchen Cabinets – Harmonizing and coordinating colors can make all the differences in our kitchen. Color harmony becomes more important when you have maple kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry takes a lot of space in our kitchen. If you are not careful, maple’s soft colors will make your kitchen looks dull and boring. Maple’s colors are actually beautiful and each and every one of them has wonderful calming effects for our eyes. But those colors are not enough. To create a perfect kitchen, you will need help from some other colors to make the cabinets stand out. Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of your maple cabinets.

Wall-color-suitable-for-maple-kitchen-cabinet How to Create Color Harmony in Kitchen with Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Wall color suitable for maple kitchen cabinet

Create Contrast with the Countertops

After you decide the shade of maple you want to use for the cabinets, the next step is to choose the countertop. To create a beautiful maple kitchen design, your countertop must have a contrasting color with the cabinets. Since the maple’s color is soft, your countertop should be darker. It is best to go with black granite, marble or laminate to create the strong contrasting effect. But polished light or dark brown wood will be suitable as well. This color combination will make the maple appear brighter and your kitchen more remarkable.

Natural-maple-kitchen-cabinets How to Create Color Harmony in Kitchen with Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Natural maple kitchen cabinets

Choose Harmonizing Paint and Floor Color

The next step is to choose the color for the walls and the floor. Contrary to the countertop, you should choose a neighboring color for the walls and the floor. We want our kitchen to have synchronized color palette and this is where the paint and floor color play the role. If you have white or cream maple kitchen cabinets, you should choose darker colors like yellow, lemon or daffodil. But if you have golden or honey-colored maple, you are free to choose something lighter like cream or go with something darker such as salmon, cream or softer shades of orange.

Espresso-maple How to Create Color Harmony in Kitchen with Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Espresso maple

Make the Room Livelier by Adding Small Colorful Accents

Now that you are done with the big important parts, it is time to move to the accessories. Small ornaments are just as important as the big appliances and cabinets. This is your chance to add some more contrasting colors that will make your maple kitchen appear livelier. But don’t forget that repetition is the key to a balanced and harmonious style. So, make sure you repeat the pattern and colors in several different places. These small accessories and ornaments arrangement is the key in uniting the overall design of your kitchen.

Affordable-Maple-kitchen-cabinet How to Create Color Harmony in Kitchen with Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable Maple kitchen cabinet

Add Some Texture

To complement the color coordination, you must play with the texture as well. Texture becomes more important when you want to have modern maple kitchen. Wood dominated kitchen is the characteristic of rustic and traditional kitchen. So, it doesn’t translate well into a modern and futuristic kitchen. If you want to have contemporary kitchen, you can combine the maple cabinets with granite countertops. Black granite is good to create contrast and it is very durable as well. You can also play with the texture by adding unique backsplash like ceramic backsplash, or ditch the wooden floor and replace it with more luxurious marble or granite.

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