How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity? – Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house so it needs to be relaxing and refreshing. Having a narrow depth bathroom vanity is one of the ways to make our bathroom be relaxing and refreshing. It gives us its great functionality and it gives aesthetics value to our bathroom. Do you have it in your bathroom? Those who want to make a different look to their bathroom they will probably need to have this kind of vanity in their bathroom. If you want to buy this kind of vanity you will need to have a clear plan of where to put it in your bathroom. You need to have a vision of how your bathroom will be like otherwise your bathroom will appear to be stuffy. What else do you need to know before buying this vanity?

Narrow-dishwashers-Australia How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

Narrow dishwashers Australia

Things you need to consider before buying a bathroom vanity:

  1. Size
  2. Materials and finishes
  3. Dimension of bathroom
  4. Style
  5. Storages
  6. The accessories and hardware of the vanity
  7. Price

We know that the styles of bathroom are modern, traditional, transitional, etc. When you choose a narrow depth bathroom vanity those styles also pay important roles. Consider the ideas below to get you inspired.

Narrow-bathroom-vanities How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

Narrow bathroom vanities

Ideas to choose narrow depth bathroom vanities:

  • Consider narrow depth two vanities to maximize the space of the floor. It is accompanied by two mirrors, one on the right and one of the left. All of the mirrors are of course hung above the vanity attached to the walls. The vanity has backdrops that can prevent the walls from splashes. It also has drawers and cabinets on the right and left of each vanity.
  • Consider a narrow depth vanity and simple cabinet of two doors made from hardwood. The color of the vanity and toilet is the same, white to make the bathroom look spacious. The vanity is next to the toilet and they are accompanied by a mirror above them along the vanity and the toilet.
Floating-modern-bathroom-vanity How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

Floating modern bathroom vanity

  • Consider narrow depth two vanities accompanied by a rectangular mirror along the two vanities. It is a good for a wedding couple because the two vanities have separate cabinets under the vanities, so the couple can store their own private things.
  • Consider a narrow depth vanity in the center part of a long hardwood cabinet. The left and the right counter tops laminated by other material that is strong enough to deal with splashes and they can be used to store bathroom amenities and others. The drawers and cabinets can be used to store towels, bath robes, hair dyer, etc. It is good for a small bathroom that usually makes a problem to the owner when it comes to storing.
  • Consider a narrow depth vanity with single door cabinet with a towel rack attached to the door of the cabinet. It is good to complete a tiny bathroom.
Apron-front-bathroom-sink How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

Apron front bathroom sink

Now you have ideas to get inspired, you still need to know these things below:

  1. How much sinks you want for this kind of vanity.
  2. What types of sinks you want because there are vessel/bowl, self-rimming and under-mount sink.
  3. What types of vanity you choose because here are free-standing, corner mounted and wall-mounted.

What do you think? Are you ready to complete your bathroom with this kind of vanity? Hopefully this article can guide you to buy the right narrow depth bathroom vanity for you.

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