How Prehung Interior Doors Can Add Dimension to Your Home

Install prehung interior door

We may not often think that the doors inside our homes could make a difference in the overall look, but try to picture the interior of your house without the doors that are already there. How would it look without doors altogether, or would it look incredibly different with an entirely new style of doors? When people think of home decor, they don’t often think about changing up their interior doors, but it can actually cause an entire room, or house, to have a different feel. Whether you want to make your home appear larger, more open, let in more light, or give it a warmer, cozier feeling, changing the prehung doors is a great, simple way to create an entirely new look. But, first you have to decide which prehung doors are right for your home.

Install prehung interior door

Prehung interior doors – design

Prehung interior double doors

French Doors

French doors are a classic interior prehung door choice, and offer so many benefits, depending on the type of look you’re going for. First, they add a touch of the rustic countryside, as well as classic sophistication, and can work in almost any home situation. Secondly, they add a sense of openness and light to a room, since they have windows. It’s a great way to break up a larger room, or for use going out to a patio, a sunroom, etc. If you want to make a room feel bigger, French doors are a great way to go.

Prehung interior door sizes

Flush Doors

Flush doors are just what you may think – Plain, wooden doors with a hollow interior that are flush with the walls. They offer a more sleek and sophisticated look, and can add a touch of modern style to your home. If you have a newer home, or an older home you’re trying to spruce up, flush doors work extremely well in both large and small spaces.

Prehung interior door with glass

Double Doors

If you want to add a sense of majesty and style to your home, double doors are a great way to do it. Double doors are essentially just two prehung doors that meet in the middle, but they can easily create mystery and sophistication to any room. Try double doors that lead into a dining room or a private den for a touch of elegance. If you have a small home, double doors can make a particular room feel much larger.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are probably the most common prehung doors in most homes, especially if you live in an older home. They stand the test of time for a reason. They are easy to build, easy to hang, and offer great benefits for your home because you can paint/stain them just about any color you’d like, and they are great natural insulators and sound barriers between rooms. Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to stick with tradition, especially since you can change up the entire look of wooden doors as often as you’d like.

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