Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Whether you work from home full time, or you just have an additional office in your house to take care of bills, documents, etc., more often than not a home office desk can be somewhat of an afterthought. After all, most of us are considering function over fashion when it comes to a home office, and while that is certainly practical, think about it this way: How often do you want to be in a space that doesn’t inspire you? Or maybe, it doesn’t even feel like home?

Home-office-glass-desk Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Home office furniture and Desk

Personalizing your home office furniture can be a quick, easy, and effective way to make a space your own, and truly inspire you to be there for awhile! This can be extremely important if you actually work from home, and need some help finding the motivation to be in your office. Studies have shown that people who personalize their own work space actually have a higher rate of success, so don’t be afraid to make your home office desk your own!

Built-in-Home-Office-Design-Studio Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Here are a few practical, yet creative ways to make your desk reflect your personality better than ever before.


It may seem simple, but even the smallest, quirkiest accessories can add new life to your desk. Make sure you’re choosing something that fits your personality, and don’t worry if your accessories aren’t exactly functional! These are specifically for you to enjoy looking at, to bring a bit of personality to your desk, and to make your Mondays a bit brighter. When you have accessories that can bring a smile to your face, chances are, you’ll be happy to get more work done.

Home-office-black-desk Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Home-office-modern-Desk Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!


Chances are, you’ve seen photos on desks in offices before, and your desk should be no different. Have pictures of family and friends sitting on your desk here and there. Again, it will increase the personalization factor, and will remind you who you’re working for – the people you love most.

Home-Office-Desk-Solid-Wood-Sets Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Your Favorite Office Supplies

We often don’t realize how much something as simple as office supplies can make a difference in how we feel while we’re working, but they certainly do! For this reason, it’s a good idea to have supplies that work for you, from your favorite pens, to notebooks, etc. Plan a trip to your local office supply store, and spend some time picking out things that appeal to you. You’ll be that much more excited to use them at home.

Shinbutsu-Home-Office-Desk Home Office Desk, Make it Personal!

Of course, these are just a few tips and tricks to get started when it comes to personalizing your home office desk. Since it’s your home, the sky’s the limit as far as decorating, and really making your desk your own. As long as it’s a place that inspires you, and makes you want to get your work done, you’ve accomplished your goal. A desk doesn’t have to be a stuffy, boring place where you’re forced to sit and do work – it can actually become one of your favorite spots in the house!

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