Hexagon Floor Tile for Your Comfortable Bathroom

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Black hex tile for bathroom

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Mejorstyle.com – The bathroom is one of the main rooms must be in a home. Bathrooms usually uses hexagon floor tile so conditions in the bathroom floor is not slippery and the water will flow perfectly in the sewer. Although the bathroom was already proven as a primary need, but many people still do not pay attention to the condition of their bathrooms. They pay more attention to design in the living room because the living room is a room that will be the first stopover place for guests. But do not forget that the bathroom is also a space to perform daily activities and the design of a bathroom should be determined properly so that the bathroom looks clean and charming. Spacious bathroom will not be a problem because the most important thing is how to design of the bathrooms, so small bathroom will look spacious and comfortable. If there are guests who want to use your bathroom, then the guest will also feel comfortable.

Black hex tile for bathroom

Bathroom Floor Tile Installation

The bathroom walls

There are several options that you can use to get the bathroom walls that you want. You can use colorful wall. Colorful design can create the bright and cheerful impression so the bathrooms are small will be large. The bathrooms are spacious impressed also be created using a mirrored wall. The bathroom will look exclusive and luxurious. You can use a wall thickness combined with a golden color and interesting antique lamps.

Black hex tile for bathroom

Paint color of bathroom wall

Wall paint color can be customized with your inspiration. We recommend that you use a combination of soft colors and light colors to give an impression that is balanced in your bathroom. An example is that you can use the white and gray color to create a European style decor. The combination of these colors that are equipped with mirrors will make the bathroom look bright.

Hexagonal floor tiles in Italian apartment

The bathroom floor

Flooring for the bathroom should not be slippery. You should choose a slightly rough surface of the floor so you do not slip when water flows onto the floor. The most appropriate flooring for your bathroom is hexagon floor tile. This floor will make the water that falls to the floor can flow smoothly. This floor has an interesting shape that makes your bathroom is not boring.


Accessories for the bathroom

The bathroom would not be perfect without the complete accessories. You need to buy some accessories such as mirrors, wipes, sink, closet and so on. You also can put a candle to create the fragrance in your bathroom.

The decor for the bathroom

You can add flowers wallpaper or pictures that you like in your bathroom wall. Wallpaper will make the bathroom become clear. You also can use a marine-themed decor so that your bathroom will look cool, fresh, and natural.

The door for the bathroom

You can use a glass door for the bathroom appears more spacious. Paint color for exterior door should be the same as the color of the walls to make it look harmonious.

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Photo Gallery of Hexagon Floor Tile for Your Comfortable Bathroom

Hexagonal floor tiles in Italian apartmentBlack hex tile for bathroomSampleBathroom Floor Tile Installation

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