Garden Room Extensions – Which Is the Right One for Your Home?

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Edwardian conservatory

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Garden room extensions can make beautiful additions to almost any home. They’re the perfect place to go relax, feel closer to nature, and add a lot of light and natural beauty to your house. However, there are several different varieties when it comes to garden room extensions, and it’s important to choose the right one for your particular home, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Not only are they great for personal enjoyment, but garden room extensions can actually help to increase the overall value of your house. Check out the types of garden rooms listed below, and you might have a better idea of which would work best for you!


Garden Room Extensions


An orangery is usually larger than a conservatory, and other garden rooms. It’s typically built off a porch, or leading directly to the outdoors from an entrance/exit to the house. They are usually made from brick, with windows that go from the floor to the ceiling, with a lantern roof. Orangeries usually match the existing exterior to the house, and can make a great addition to classic-looking homes without changing the theme or appeal of charming country cottages.



A veranda is a great ‘in between’ sort of garden room extension that offers the benefits of a separate room, with the pleasantries of the great outdoors. A veranda serves as a sheltered place between the home and the garden, which makes it the perfect spot for relaxation, and truly allows you to feel as though you’re a part of the garden when you’re able to sit and enjoy watching the greenery on display.



If you truly want to get back to nature, consider a vine-covered garden room extension. By keeping controlled vines over a canopy, or terrace, you can create the illusion of a room made entirely of vines, that also works as a shelter from the sun, rain, etc. You’ll feel as though your garden has come to life, and whenever you enjoy your time in the room, it will be almost like being a part of the garden itself.

Edwardian conservatory

Glazed Extension

A glazed garden room extension usually can be found off of a kitchen, and while it can take extra time to take care of when it comes to keeping clean, it can be incredibly worth it as far as overall views and usefulness goes. Many people go with glazed extensions for brilliant natural lighting, but the right kind of roof is needed to ensure there will always be even heating in the room. By attaching this kind of garden extension to your kitchen, you can enjoy your morning coffee in warmer weather by sipping it at a small cafe table surrounded by natural greenery. It is a unique, beautiful, and elegant way to add a touch of nature to your home that will inspire awe in everyone who gets to see and experience it.

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Photo Gallery of Garden Room Extensions – Which Is the Right One for Your Home?

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