Feng Shui Bedroom – 20 Bedroom Ideas with Best Position, Best for Health and Luck

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Feng Shui furniture bedroom

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Feng Shui your bedroom. The bedroom is one room that is important for everyone. Every home must have at least one bedroom. The function of this room is a place to rest, after you work hard all day. You can unwind in the bed. If your bedroom interior design is done correctly, with attention to good or positive energy (Chi), then your bedroom will give You health and good luck. Conversely, if Your bedroom have bad chi, in other words bad from Feng Shui side, then you can feel more tired, even after you get enough sleep in that bedroom. Let’s Read more.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips

Here are some Feng Shui tips that you can try. You should get rid of some items such as televisions, computers and exercise equipment from the bedroom. You should remember that the bedroom is a place that function as a place to relax and sleep. If you put all the items and equipment that is not related, then it will give you distracting energy’s in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Decorating

The next one is about decorating. You should often open bedroom window. Air circulation inside the bedroom is very important for maintaining a healthy body. Because your body needs oxygen. The level of oxygen in the bedroom should be kept properly, so that you can breathe comfortably, with clean and fresh air. If you do not have a bedroom with large window, then you can install air-purifiers, to improve the quality of the air in the room. Also read art deco furniture.

Feng Shui house

Still related to the bedroom, and Feng Shui house. What you should pay attention to next is the wall crack. You must avoid cracks in a wall in the bedroom. The rift walls could not provide the positive chi. Additionally cracked walls also gives an impression if the house hold family start to split, in other words not harmonious family. The solution that you can do to solve this problem is to patch the cracks in the wall in your bedroom. If you feel difficulty, then you can hire a professional handyman.

Feng Shui wealth is closely related to Feng Shui bedroom. In which case, if you can rest properly, then you will have the energy to work with full concentration, and finish all your task easily. Therefore between the two closely related. The next one about bedroom Feng Shui is on the door of the bedroom which opens towards the bed, the sleeping occupants foot position was a straight line to the room door. This condition is very bad in Feng Shui. Avoid positioning the open bedroom door toward the bed. The reason why these positions are not allowed is when the energy comes from outside to the room entered, could bump into bunks. It can interfere with comfort while sleeping. The most appropriate solution to solve this problem is to move the position of the bed. Move the position of the bed so it is not a straight line with the position of the bedroom door. So instead of moving the position of the doors, because you have to break the walls to do that, and it will take time and also cost a lot more. That’s all about Feng Shui bedroom – 20 bedroom ideas with best position, best for health and luck. Hope this article can give you enough information.

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Photo Gallery of Feng Shui Bedroom – 20 Bedroom Ideas with Best Position, Best for Health and Luck

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