Decorating Home Interior into Mediterranean Villa Style

Mediterranean Villa

Interior decoration will always take some times for several steps from planning to the finishing touch. Every style is like that including the Mediterranean villa style. It’s about interior decorated with the influences of homes and architecture of Mediterranean, south of Greece, Italy and Spain. The style is notable for the rough textures as well as vibrant and earthy colors. Interior in this styling reflects the friendly and relaxed life of Mediterranean. In words of some people, it evokes the particular romantic feel as well as the particular atmosphere of European southern coast. In a nutshell, the design is pleasant and colorful.

Mediterranean Villa design

Colors and Textures in Mediterranean Design

As aforementioned, the colors in this particular design are vibrant and earthy. There is a wide range of colors to be chosen from blue, white to the earthy colors like. When one decides to decorate a home or villa in Mediterranean style, taking a look at the surrounding landscapes will bring the best look. One of the keys in Mediterranean architecture is the colors those representing natural landscapes around the building. For example, a building has tones of yellow, deep red and orange to represent sunset at the seaside. Another example is green to represent greeneries around.

Textures in Mediterranean villa or home are usually rough and have the natural feel like the options of colors mentioned earlier. This can be seen through the textured walls or the floors. If the walls are textured, the floors are usually decorated with roughly finished tiles. This gives another natural impression as if the tiles’ sizes are natural and not being purposely cut roughly. To add more texture, Mediterranean house usually has fountain in a courtyard. A home or villa doesn’t need to have the fountain and courtyard. A lavabo or ceramic wall fountain can be good enough to add textures.

The Choice of Accessories and Furniture

When it comes to interior, furniture is an important thing to be considered. In the case of Mediterranean interior, the furniture will reflect casual lifestyle. Furniture items made of light pine woods are known to be the signature of this particular style. Every so often, the furniture has rustic feel for being made from woods (usually pine) and sometimes the rough-hewn iron. Mosaic tiles can also be found of countertops, tabletops as well as the wall adornments. Smaller accessories found for the interior will need to be colorful. They can be fresh, dried or even faux flowers or any other colorful items.

Some Things to Be Remembered

Mediterranean interior style is not expensive. There are good and charming pine furnishings to be purchased. Try to look for the cheap accessories through various sources such as online stores or even by hunting on estate or garage sales. Decorating home in this style is actually not difficult. Don’t get too focused on the things found in magazines or websites. Understand the principles of the style and decorate the interior accordingly and voila! The heartwarming and relaxing southern European style will be acquired.

Photo Gallery of Decorating Home Interior into Mediterranean Villa Style

Mediterranean Villa interior designsMediterranean Villa Outdoor poolMediterranean VillaMediterranean Villa design

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