Choosing Contemporary Bathroom Vanities


The main thing almost all people who are looking to re-design a bathroom want is more space. Not just space to throw a cat of course, Space for things! This makes the humble bathroom vanity an important piece in your bathroom project.

Modern transparent bathroom vanities style

Most simple vanities come in either 500mm or 600mm widths and tend to be just about deep enough to hold the basin on top. A good quality vanity will also have good access to the plumbing underneath the basin too, for maintenance.

Modern bathroom vanities and sink consoles

Wood Look & High Gloss

There are two really big trends right now. The first has its roots set in high end hotels, the wood look. This look tends to be comprised of high quality wood veneer and highly modern handles and fittings.

It’s quite common for this look to also introduce a classically styled Belfast sink into the mix, something many premium quality homes have installed in them these days. High quality mixer taps are also the order of the day with these units.

Another way to go, and actually very similar to the wood veneer style, is the high gloss vanity. These vanities tend to come in a huge range of colors, some very vibrant and interesting, which could be just the thing for many people.

As with the veneer type, think quality fittings, mixer taps and door handles.

Modern transparent bathroom vanities style

Other Styles

Some styles of bathroom vanity never go out of fashion. The traditional wooden or pine vanities are always a good purchase, although they might require some restoration after a few years of use. Many people do like the feel of wood however which could make a wooden vanity a great idea if you’re thinking of moving houses during the lifetime of your new bathroom.

For a truly traditional look, wooden vanities can be twinned with a Belfast sink or indeed a shallow square or circle tray style. As with all interior decorations, your personal preference will guide you.

Larger Vanity Suites

If you’re the proud owner of a larger bathroom, then there are much larger vanity “suites” that you can choose from. This is where the worlds of kitchen and bathroom design tend to collide together, as there’s a great deal of similarity between installing a bathroom vanity suite and installing a fitted kitchen.

Contemporary floating bathroom vanities

When installing a vanity suite you can also fit units with hidden lights, small cupboards for different items plus a wonderful variety of marble and granite worktops.

One thing we would suggest however. Be absolutely sure your bathroom has the size to be able to do a vanity suite justice before you start to fit it. When we say there’s a large overlap between vanity suites and fitted kitchens we really mean it, you’ll need kitchen levels of space to really pull the look off.

Photo Gallery of Choosing Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Modern transparent bathroom vanities styleContemporary floating bathroom vanitiesEuropean style modern bathroom vanitiesmodern bathroom vanities and sink consolesMarvelous modern vanity for bathroom

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