Cheap Bathroom Vanities: Grab the models that suit you!

Gorgeous multifunction Vanity Cabinets Style

If you’re in the market for a cheap bathroom vanity, there’s still quite a selection of different models to go for. You can even get a pretty decent vanity for $100.

Cheap wooden bathroom vanities

Of course, you might have to choose slightly cheaper taps and fittings to come in under your chosen budget. However, you can still design a nice bathroom and keep costs down at the same time.

Stick With Veneer

One thing is for certain. At the cheaper end of the market you’d be crazy not to purchase anything than a veneer cabinet. Wooden vanities at this price point won’t be made of the best quality timber and it’s obviously far easier to maintain quality standards with manmade materials such as wood veneer.

If we we’re choosing a cheap bathroom vanity today, we would probably go for a nice high gloss cabinet with a simple, white shallow basin on top. If we had a little cash to lay out with we would upgrade the taps a little or if the budget was already stretched we would fit a simple mixer unit.

Go Online

If you’re on a limited budget, try to look online for your mixers, basins and shower trays. All these items come in standardized measurements so once you know what you need, you can’t really go wrong when purchasing online.

Some items, such as tiles, we would still go physically shopping for. Tiles are such a visual product that we don’t think any number of photos downloaded from the internet can do them justice. That’s not to say don’t shop for tiles and then purchase the same ones online, just be sure you know exactly what color you’ve opted for and exactly what it will look like in your bathroom.

Choose Quality Handles & Fittings to “Lift” A Cheaper Vanity

One way in which you can “lift” a cheaper vanity and make it look better than its price point, is to purchase better quality handles, basins and mixer tap for it. The vanity is by far the most expensive bit of your bathroom basin setup, so by saving even 20% on the cost of it should open up a little budget to spend on quality accessories to spice things up a little.

This idea doesn’t have to just belong on your vanity either. By purchasing a slightly cheaper shower door, toilet or towel rail, you can spend that saved budget on really nice fittings to bring other parts of your bathroom design to life.

We adopted this into our own bathroom project completed last summer. We saved money by purchasing a simple, veneer vanity (Charcoal wood effect) and then spending a little money on really nice handles, mixer and basin from a completely different company. (Slightly more upmarket)

Our friends believe we bought the whole thing from the upmarket bathroom shop, little do they know our vanity cost the princely sum of $99 – It’s out little secret!

Photo Gallery of Cheap Bathroom Vanities: Grab the models that suit you!

Cheap wooden bathroom vanitiesCheap DIY bathroom vanity idea   CreativeGorgeous multifunction Vanity Cabinets Style

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