Wooden wardrobe

Solid Wood Wardrobes – A Classic For A Reason

Mejorstyle.com – Wardrobes first came into style for the home in the 18th century, and were used to store family treasures, valuables, etc. Because of the overall complicated design and detail that went into solid wood wardrobes at the... Read more →
Modern dining chairs

Modern Dining Room Furniture

When people hear the phrase ‘modern dining room furniture,’ a few things can typically come to mind: Cold, stark, sleek, and trendy. While some of those might come across as good characteristics, some carry a negative connotation along with... Read more →
Dining room leather chairs

How to Mix Dining Room Chairs

Mejorstyle.com – There’s a new trend in the world of kitchen furniture, and it’s completely mismatched – in a good way! Mixing dining room chairs has become the latest kitchen trend for a lot of people, especially following the... Read more →
Modern modular Living room table cabinets

Everything to Do with Living Room Table Cabinets

What Are They? They are the most common accessory that you’re going to find inside of a living room, and that’s due to more than a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is the fact that it’s great for storage space, because... Read more →
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