Hexagonal floor tiles in Italian apartment

Hexagon Floor Tile for Your Comfortable Bathroom

Mejorstyle.com – The bathroom is one of the main rooms must be in a home. Bathrooms usually uses hexagon floor tile so conditions in the bathroom floor is not slippery and the water will flow perfectly in the sewer. Although the bathroom... Read more →
Traditional bathtubs

A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Mejorstyle.com – A bathroom bathtub makes us feel relaxed and refreshed because we can lie down cleaning and recharging our tired body. Having a drop in bathtub in our bathroom is a great idea. Do you know this type of bathtub? Bathtubs... Read more →
Apron front bathroom sink

How to Choose a Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

Mejorstyle.com – Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house so it needs to be relaxing and refreshing. Having a narrow depth bathroom vanity is one of the ways to make our bathroom be relaxing and refreshing. It gives us... Read more →
Ensuite bathrooms

The Best Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Ensuite bathroom ideas installation, if you’ve ever thought about installing an ensuite bathroom in your home, you likely have your own ideas as to how you’d like it to look, what features you’d specifically like installed, etc. There... Read more →
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