Bedroom Ceiling Lights – The Best Ideas for Your Bedroom

We might not often think about the ceiling lights in our bedroom, because more often than not, they’re off! But the lighting itself, and how you display your bedroom ceiling lights, can be more important than you think. Not only can the type of lighting affect the mood of the room, but how you display it can change the entire appearance. When you’re decorating your bedroom, and considering options for bedroom ceiling lighting, try some of these unique ideas to brighten up your room in every way.

Bedroom-Ceiling-Lights-LED Bedroom Ceiling Lights - The Best Ideas for Your Bedroom

Go Modern with LED

If you want to switch up your bedroom’s style to a more modern, more open, and all-around brighter look, change out your standard incandescent bulbs for LED ceiling bulbs. Most LED lights will actually disperse the light more evenly and openly, and give you a brighter, clearer glow. Plus, LED lights shine instantly, so the moment you flip on the light switch in your room, it will be flooded with light. This is great for smaller rooms if you’re attempting to make them look bigger.

Bedroom-Ceiling-Lights-Rustic Bedroom Ceiling Lights - The Best Ideas for Your Bedroom

Go Rustic, With Filament

A new trend in ceiling lights actually happens to be an old standby. Filament bulbs (also commonly known as Edison bulbs) have made quite a comeback in recent years for those looking for a more rustic, or even industrial look. These bulbs have a warm, almost ‘yellow’ tint to them, making a room seem cozy, or maybe a bit smaller. With the country-chic trend that seems to be happening more and more in household decorating lately, this type of lighting would be great for a charming, shabby chic bedroom.

Bedroom-Ceiling-Lights-Fixtures Bedroom Ceiling Lights - The Best Ideas for Your Bedroom

Switch out Your Light Fixtures

You may not think the way you actually display your ceiling lights has anything to do with how your bedroom feels, but it actually causes more of an effect than you might realize. Most bedrooms have a standard ceiling light fixture – a box, of sphere of some kind, holding one or two bulbs to the ceiling in a fashion that is supposed to fill the room with light. But, if you want to bring a little excitement and boldness to your bedroom, there’s a simple way to do that without having to change a single bit of your already-existing decor:

Change your light fixture.

In fact, why not get rid of your ceiling light fixture altogether, and instead hang a light fixture from the ceiling? A vintage single-light chandelier would offer a great touch of class to any bedroom, as well as a unique sense of style that you would surely love every time you walk into the room.

There are several different ways to switch up your bedroom ceiling light options, and each of them can actually have a dramatic effect on the room itself. No matter what look or ‘vibe’ you’re going for in your room, don’t be afraid to play around with lighting, and find your perfect balance between modern, classic, and personal.

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