Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Your Bathroom Can Be Glamorous

When you think about the lights in your bathroom at this very moment, what do you see? Something bland? Boring? Maybe you don’t even remember exactly what the lights look like for that very reason. Most bathrooms, whether you purchased your home or built it yourself, simply don’t have a focus on great lighting. After all, people aren’t necessarily going in there to enjoy the atmosphere. But when you think about it, why not? We actually spend more time in the bathroom than you may think – showering, grooming, getting ready for our days, etc. and just like any other room in our house, it should be a place of comfort, and a place we enjoy spending some time. Check out these simple ideas to turn your bathroom ceiling lights into something more glamorous.

Best-bathroom-ceiling-lights Bathroom Ceiling Lights - Your Bathroom Can Be Glamorous

Warm It Up

Your bathroom should be bright and inviting, but it should also be a source of comfort. Depending on the overall theme and look of your bathroom, try using lighting solutions to give it a ‘warmer’ look. Perhaps an industrial pendant light that hangs just a few inches from the ceiling, or even a protected filament bulb to provide a warm glow? When you walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep, think about how much more peaceful it might feel to turn on the light to that warm, soft glow, instead of a bright, invasive light.

Bathroom-ceiling-lights Bathroom Ceiling Lights - Your Bathroom Can Be Glamorous

Don’t be afraid of fixtures

Many people actually build their bathroom ceiling lights into the ceiling itself, allowing the fixture to be embedded into the ceiling so all you have to do is change out the bulb. But just because it’s a bathroom with moisture, doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of light fixtures. Most light fixtures will work perfectly well in a bathroom as long as you pay attention to the materials they’re made of. Consider a small chandelier over a vintage bathtub, or a pendant light in the very center of the room for a unique look that you’ll love.

Halogen-bathroom-lights Bathroom Ceiling Lights - Your Bathroom Can Be Glamorous

Revive your track lighting

Track lighting, or vanity lighting is a popular choice in bathrooms because it disperses light all over the room, and is easy to maintain. But, most track lighting fixtures are somewhat boring, and they all tend to look the same! If you don’t want to purchase an entire new light fixture, a great trick is to ‘hack’ your current track lighting fixture. Simply remove the fixture, cover all the sockets where the bulbs go with painter’s tape, and spray paint it whatever color you’d like to fit your bathroom’s decor. It’s a simple solution that actually makes a big difference once you place it back on the ceiling. A little pop of color can really change the entire atmosphere of the bathroom itself.

Although we may not think of the ceiling lights in our bathroom that often, next time you find yourself in that room, don’t be afraid to look up, and imagine what you could do with your lighting to make your bathroom even better.

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