Are Two Bedroom Apartments Worth It On Your Own?

So, you’ve decided to rent an apartment – or, perhaps you’ve been thinking about making an upgrade to a two bedroom apartment. For a single person living on their own, it might not make much sense on the surface to have two bedrooms to your name. However, there are so many great benefits to two bedroom apartments; the extra space can be worth it, even if you’re the only person living there.

2-Bedroom-Apartments Are Two Bedroom Apartments Worth It On Your Own?

2 Bedroom Apartments

Homestyle space, without the hassle

Giving yourself an extra bedroom automatically means more space. Most two bedroom apartments are a little larger in general than one bedroom places, including the living room, kitchen, etc., so you’re gaining much more than just an extra bedroom. This little bit of extra space can really make an apartment feel more like home. Living alone certainly doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on space, or feeling like you don’t have enough of it to truly be comfortable.

One extra room, endless possibilities

Just because you rent a two ‘bedroom’ apartment certainly doesn’t mean you need to turn that extra room into a sleeping space. While that is always useful if you plan on having guests or family over for an extended stay, an extra bedroom can turn into absolutely anything you want. From a home office that’s separate from the rest of your living space, to a place for hobbies; a studio, a music room, a gym, etc., an extra bedroom can add a lot of life to your living space, without disrupting the rest of it.

Two-master-Bedroom-Apartments Are Two Bedroom Apartments Worth It On Your Own?

Two master Bedroom Apartments

Consider the room an amenity

Chances are, a two bedroom apartment is going to cost a bit more than a one bedroom, but with so many possibilities for that extra room, it’s important to look at it as more of an amenity or an upgrade, rather than wondering if you should justify the space. The two are like cable television in comparison to antenna television – antenna is just fine for many people, but cable is an upgraded amenity that many people enjoy, and don’t mind spending a bit of extra money on for everything included. An extra bedroom to do with as you please is no different, and should be considered an investment, rather than a ‘wasted space.’

Two-Bedroom-Apartments Are Two Bedroom Apartments Worth It On Your Own?

Two Bedroom Apartments

While one bedroom apartments are great, and suitable for many different types of living, if you feel as though you need more space, more freedom, and would like your apartment to be a greater reflection of you and your interests, two bedroom apartments are a great option, and an extremely great value when it comes to their various uses. Happy apartment hunting, and enjoy your space, no matter what size you choose!

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