Add Charm to Your Home with Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors have become a hot commodity among new homes, and updated or renovated homes in recent years. As a stylish decor idea for many years, exterior French doors are making a strong comeback, and there are so many reasons why. Not only do they let in light and keep out the cold air, they offer homeowners a laundry list of benefits when it comes to everything from daily living, to prospective selling. Take a look at the benefits of adding exterior French doors to your home.

Exterior-French-doors-white Add Charm to Your Home with Exterior French Doors

Lots of Light

Adding a French door to a room from the outside is going to end up being a lot cheaper than tearing down a wall or two, and will add a lot more charm, to boot. French doors can really open up a space, and expose the exterior light, which can make a room feel brighter and bigger. This is especially useful in rooms that may not otherwise get a lot of light, like a dining room. If you live in a smaller home, adding an exterior French door is a great way to give the illusion of more space, and it will make any room feel more inviting through the soft light alone.

Energy, Style, & Design

Many exterior French doors are now made with fiberglass, which is not only strong, durable, and can withstand almost any weather conditions, but will keep out cold air from your home, making it more energy efficient and reducing the costs of your heating bills. French doors have over five times the insulating ability that wood doors have, and a lot more charm to go with them.

Exterior-French-doors-oak Add Charm to Your Home with Exterior French Doors

There are, however, different designs when it comes to exterior French doors, including wood and steel. Choosing the right style and design is up to each individual, but it’s important to way out the positives and negatives of each option, since sometimes style can sacrifice functionality. For example, a steel French door may come in a specific ‘look’ you like, but it won’t provide the safety and durability of a fiberglass door.

Regardless of the material or style you choose, installing an exterior French door will raise the value of your home instantly. At the present moment, upgrading your home with French doors is the number one return on investment project when it comes to home renovations. In a housing market that can sometimes feel less than stable, that’s encouraging news for homeowners.

Exterior-Wide-French-doors Add Charm to Your Home with Exterior French Doors

Adding a French exterior door to your home is a great way to add light, space, unique design, and value. Decide which look and material would work best for your particular home before taking the plunge, and then get ready to bask in the daily sun that will shine through the French door windows. While French exterior doors may raise the overall value of your house, once you install one, you may never want to leave home!

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