A Small Bathroom Remodel Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Small bathroom redesign

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Own a small 2 or 3 bedroom house? If so, you’ll probably understand what we mean by the term “small bathroom”. Just enough room for a shower, toilet and if you’re lucky, a full sized bath! I and my wife recently decided on a small bathroom remodel of our own, throwing our existing bath away and swapping for an enclosed shower.

Small premium bathroom remodel

Home bathroom remodel

Measurements Are the key

This is true of all DIY projects but even more so when space is at such a premium! Our plan was to very roughly decide what we wanted (Full size bath, Shower enclosure, Towel Rails) and then take measurements to see what was possible within the space constraints.

Thankfully for us, our bathroom had a full size bath fitted as standard, so we knew we could ditch the tub and be left with more than enough space for a decently sized shower enclosure. (We eventually chose a 1400 mm Model)

Small bathroom redesign

Making the Most with color

This is another key issue we had to contend with. Owning a rather small 2 bedroom house that backed onto the train tracks, our bathroom never receives much light, even during the midday hours.

To counter this, we chose bright colors, with white tiles on 3 walls and a slightly darker color as an accent wall. This really does make a difference as reflected light makes the most of what does come from the window. We also chose to have 5 LED spotlights installed in the ceiling, a space saving idea and quite cheap decision as this technology is easily available for well under $100.

Small premium bathroom remodel

Choosing Nice Pieces for Your Small bathroom. One way in which we managed to give our bathroom a little pizzazz, was to choose individual “quality pieces” which gave our bathroom a more premium feel. By purchasing some bathroom furniture online we were able to spend a little budget on other items that would fit really well with the design.

My wife picked a very nice Belfast style sink unit and pine unit for the underneath, whilst I managed to get a great deal on a shower cubicle; spending the money saved on a very nice square shower head and mixer unit.

Keeping Plumbing Simple. This could also be placed under a “don’t re-invent the wheel” banner too. Small bathrooms tend to have one particular way to lay things out. This means that your bath probably fits one way; toilet can only realistically be placed in one corner etc…

Some people might hate this, yet it can actually be a really liberating! By minimizing design choices you can forget deciding “where things can go” and instead focus on maximizing the space used by existing bathroom furniture.

In our small bathroom remodel, we kept everything as it was. The only major difference was to swap our full sized bath and in its place put a slightly smaller shower cubicle. This allowed us the benefit of installing a heated towel rail plus inbuilt shelving.

By keeping things simple, you can minimize the plumbing/electrical work required to remodel your bathroom and instead focus on the really tough task, maximizing the use of space.

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